Student Handbook Cover

The Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of the Student Handbook is to provide students with information, guidelines and policies that will enhance their adjustment as citizens of the Mohawk Valley Community College community. All students are urged to read it carefully as you are responsible for understanding its contents and adhering to the policies and procedures that are set worth within it. This is an entirely online document, and you may navigate it by utilizing the links. While this handbook does not address all of the rule infractions for which students may be disciplined, it does provide guidelines about student life at MVCC.

From a campus phone: ext. 5777
From an off-campus phone: 315-731-5777

Dial extension 5777 or 315-731-5777 in emergencies such as:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Fire Alarms
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Other emergencies

Dial extension 5566 or 315-792-5566 (in Utica) or 315-334-3559 (in Rome) for non-emergencies or public safety information such as:

  • Criminal Complaints
  • ID cards
  • Escorts
  • Jump Starts
  • Other non-emergencies

Any accident/injury must be reported to Public Safety immediately.

How to contact Public Safety:

  • Utica office is in Room 106 in the Academic Building
  • Utica administrative telephone number is 315-792-5566
  • Rome office is in Room 118 in the Plumley Complex
  • Rome administrative number is 315-334-3559
  • In an Emergency Dial extension 5777 from any campus phone
  • In an Emergency Dial 315-731-5777 if by cell phone OR
  • In an emergency dial 911
  • “Emergency Red Phones” are found inside buildings in common areas
  • “Emergency Blue Phones” are found outside on campus grounds

For OFF-CAMPUS emergencies in Rome and Utica, call 911 or a proper authority.

Campus Alert System

Mohawk Valley Community College has enhanced its campus safety operations with the installation of a mass notification system for campus emergencies.

NY Alert: NY Alert is the primary emergency messaging system. NY Alert is used in case of an emergency, weather closures, and other alerts or warnings.

Alertus Beacon and messaging system: Alertus Beacons are placed in areas throughout the campuses. In case of an emergency, the beacon will activate by lightening up and by an audio sound. The Alertus Beacon will visually issue a message.

Alertus Computer messaging: In case of an emergency, the Alertus Computer messaging system will activate and a message will appear on many college owned computers.

Campus Siren: In the event of an emergency, the campus siren may be activated.
NY Alert provides subscribers with either an email, fax, or cell phone text message to let the subscriber know that an emergency condition exists on campus. MVCC gives students and staff the opportunity to voluntarily submit their preferred method of contact to SEMO. In the event of an emergency, NY Alert will send a message to the subscriber letting them know of the emergency condition, and in most cases, specific instructions on what to do.

To sign up for NY ALERT: Go to the SIRS link on the MVCC website ( and log in to your SIRS account. Once you are logged in, there will be instructions for submitting information for NY Alert.

Emergency Calls to Students

Persons wishing to contact a student in an extreme emergency should contact the Department of Public Safety.

Helpful Information


Mohawk Valley Community College is committed to equal opportunity in educational programs, admissions and employment. It is the policy of MVCC to provide equal opportunity for all qualified applicants, students and employees; and to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, arrest/conviction record, or veteran status.

College’s Civil Rights Compliance Officers/Coordinators
Section 504/ADA:
Dean of Student Support
Affirmative Action Officer:
Executive Director of Human Resources
Title IX Coordinator(s):
Employees – Executive Director of Human Resources
Students – Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

For information about MVCC student outcomes, financial aid, debt, employment, and more, visit

Mission Statement

MVCC provides accessible, high-quality educational opportunities to meet the diverse needs of our students. We are the community’s college, committed to student success through partnerships, transfer and career pathways, and personal enrichment.

Vision Statement

Transforming lives through learning.

Statement of Purpose

As a diverse institution with a global view, Mohawk Valley Community College provides opportunities for affordable education, with support from Oneida County and the State of New York, and offers career, transfer and transitional education, programs for personal and cultural enrichment, and supports community and economic development.


MVCC is committed to and conducts assessments activities to obtain information for the improvement of student learning, programs, services, and the overall effectiveness of the College. These activities may include surveys and questionnaires, exams, focus groups, research projects, and standardized tests. Members of the College community are expected to participate. MVCC Principles of Assessment can be found on the MVCC Institutional Effectiveness website.

Crime Statistics Availability

A copy of Mohawk Valley Community College campus crime statistics as reported annually to the U.S. Department of Education will be provided upon request by the Department of Public Safety, (Utica Campus), by calling 315-792-5566.

Information can also be obtained from the U.S. Department of Education website at: or on this page of the MVCC website

Administrative Officials

  • Dr. Randall J. VanWagoner, President
  • Lewis Kahler, Vice President for Learning & Academic Affairs
  • Thomas G. Squires, Vice President for Administrative Services
  • Stephanie C. Reynolds, LMSW, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Franca Armstrong, Associate Vice President of Workforce Development and Dean of the Rome Campus

Building Codes: Utica

  • AB: Academic Building
  • ACC: Alumni College Center
  • JC: Jorgensen Center
  • WH: Wilcox Hall (formerly the Information Technology Building)
  • PH: Payne Hall
  • ST: Science & Technology Building
  • Be: Bellamy Hall
  • D: Daugherty Residence Hall
  • H: Huntington Residence Hall
  • B: Butterfield Residence Hall
  • P: Penfield Residence Hall

Building Codes: Rome

  • PC: Plumley Complex