Diversity/Global View (DGV)

This is a Graduation Requirement

In the classroom and the broader college community, Mohawk Valley Community College emphasizes an appreciation of the differences in individuals. These include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, academic abilities and interests, age, religious beliefs, and other abilities. The College recognizes that our students need to understand that in today´s world, different cultures interact and should be appreciated.

This requirement is fundamental to MVCC’s commitment to raising student awareness of the increasingly diverse, globalized, and inter-connected environment.

All incoming students, students who change their majors, and re-matriculated students must fulfill the Diversity/Global View requirement for graduation.


The Diversity and Global View (DGV) requirements have changed. For new students entering in the fall of 2020 as well as students who matriculated prior to fall 2020 (previous years), the DGV requirements have been incorporated into the College’s overall curriculum.  For students who follow their prescribed curriculum no action on the part of the student is necessary. If a student deviates from the prescribed curriculum, they should speak with their advisor or Student Support Advisor.