Mohawk Valley Community College has retained Parchment to handle transcript orders over the Internet. Please use this link to enter your order. This works best when you know the email address of the recipient. Electronic delivery of PDF documents is normally completed on the same day that the order is placed.

In some cases official transcripts are produced on security paper and sent by standard U.S. mail in a sealed envelope. The envelope is stamped “Official Transcript Enclosed” and sealed with a multicolored signature. In addition, when the transcript is issued to the student, the transcript is stamped “Issued to Student.” Once the envelope is opened, the transcript is no longer considered official.

MVCC will issue one official transcript per student at no charge. Each additional transcript is $10.00. 

Student Co-Curricular Transcript

The Student Co-Curricular Transcript provides a listing of your involvement in College life that does not appear on your academic transcript. Participation in clubs, activities, leadership experiences (athletic and student organizations), honors, scholarships, and awards are included on the co-curricular transcript. This additional information may help you stand out when you look for a job, or transfer to a four-year college. For more information, go to the Student Activities Office in either Utica or Rome.