Academic Advisement

Each matriculated student is assigned a Student Support Advisor with expertise in the student’s degree or certificate program. Student Support Advisors are MVCC staff members; they can be contacted during their posted office hours or by telephone or email. Student Support Advisors help students understand program requirements, select appropriate courses, prepare for careers or transfer, and gain access to any special resources needed such as tutoring or counseling. Students are encouraged to see their Student Support Advisor regularly, and especially before priority registration each term.

Adding a Class

Students can add classes to an existing schedule by using their MyMV account prior to the start of classes in any semester. Adding a class after the first week must be done in person at the Office of Records & Registration. 


There is a direct correlation between student attendance and academic success. Students are expected to make all necessary arrangements to be in attendance and on time for all classes. Faculty will include attendance policies in the course syllabus. Please note that policies may vary from course to course, so it is critical to read the syllabus for each class. Also note that repeated absences may result in failing the course. The State University of New York requires evidence of attendance. Students who fail to satisfy state regulations may be withdrawn from the class and also risk losing financial aid. 

Change of Major

Matriculated students wishing to change their program of study should contact the Holistic Student Support Center. Changes of Major initiated before the end of the third week of classes are in effect that semester. Changes of Major initiated after the third week of the term go into effect the following semester. 

Dropping a Course

Students can drop classes using the Drop Form prior to the end of the third week of classes with no grade posted on the transcript. Students dropping classes after the third week of classes will have a grade of W assigned to the class. A grade of W will not affect GPA but will be posted on the transcript. Students should consult the academic calendar for the last day to drop without penalty. 

Dropping classes may affect:

  1. Financial Aid
  2. Academic progress
  3. Athletic eligibility
  4. Residence Hall occupancy
  5. Veteran’s benefits or
  6. Unemployment benefits

Students are encouraged to speak with an appropriate staff member regarding the effect dropping a class may have. Students who “walk away” without officially withdrawing after the census date will not be granted a W grade. Those students will be graded based on the amount of work completed.

Late Registration

Mohawk Valley Community College is committed to the success of each student. All students (new and continuing/returning) are required to schedule and complete payment for all courses before the semester officially opens.

Repeating Courses

Only the highest grade will count in the calculation of the GPA, but both grades will remain posted on the transcript. Repeated courses can affect Financial Aid eligibility. Contact the Financial Aid Office for clarification. 


When a student is not profiting from the education being provided by showing satisfactory progress in their chosen field of study or when the College considers a student to be detrimental to its mission, the student may not be permitted to continue enrollment. All students are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct and Commitment to Civility. Failure to do so may result in dismissal. The College reserves the right to be the sole judge in such matters. 

Withdrawal from College

Students who feel that withdrawing from the College is necessary must contact the Counseling Center. Signed paperwork and an exit interview are required in order to officially withdraw. Grades will be assigned depending on the date of the withdrawal as outlined in the academic calendar.