Important Academic Terminology

Academic Year

The College academic year consists of two traditional semesters: Fall and Spring. There are also shorter sessions called terms that are offered in Summer, Intersession, and within semesters.


The Holistic Student Support Office assists students understand program requirements, select appropriate courses, prepare for careers or transfer, and gain access to any special resources needed such as tutoring or counseling. Students are encouraged to see their Student Support Advisor (SSA) regularly, and especially before registration each term.

Change of Major

Matriculated students may request a Change of Major to pursue another program of study by contacting their Student Support Advisor. Changes of Major initiated before the end of the third week of classes are in effect that semester. Changes of Major initiated after the third week of the term go into effect the following semester.

Class cancellations

The College has developed an online class cancellation system. Use your computer or your mobile device to check individual class cancellations posted on Go to “Current Student tab” and click on Cancelled Classes to see the list in alphabetical order by faculty last name (assignments or special instructions are included). Should the College be closed due to weather or any other reason, it will be announced on the College website as well as via the usual radio and television broadcasts. The College reserves the right to close, cancel or split classes as appropriate. Instructor assignments are tentative and subject to change.

Co-Curricular Transcript

The Student Co-Curricular Transcript provides a listing of your involvement in college life that does not appear on your academic transcript. Participation in clubs, activities, leadership experiences (athletic and student organizations), honors, scholarships, and awards will be listed on the co-curricular transcript. This additional information may help you stand out when you look for a job or transfer to a four-year college. For more information, contact the Student Activities Office in either Utica or Rome.


Commencement ceremonies are held at the end of the Spring and Fall semesters. Students planning to graduate in the Spring, Summer, or Fall semester. Graduation Review Requests are available at the Office of Records and Registration. A student must have completed at least 70% of the total credits in their degree program or 50% of their certificate program before submitting a Graduation Review Request.

Attending the commencement ceremony does NOT guarantee that you will graduate. Check with your Student Support Advisor to be sure you have completed the degree requirements. If you do not satisfy degree requirements, please complete a new Graduation Review Request during the semester in which completion is anticipated.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks and/or drug screening may be required by various agencies in programs that require internships, clinical, field or student teaching experiences. Please see your program advisor for further information.

Cross Registration – Mohawk Valley Consortium 

Students can take courses at Hamilton College and Utica University through this consortium. Students must be full-time matriculated students to be eligible to take one course per semester (Fall and Spring). Selected courses must be applicable to the student’s degree program and must not be available on the student’s home campus during the semester of registration. Registrations will be processed on a space-available basis, after all home campus students have had an opportunity to register for the course. Approval of the appropriate home campus official is required. For additional information start the discussion with your Student Support Advisor.

Cross Registration at SUNY colleges

SUNY policy states that students who are matriculated in a degree program in one SUNY college are eligible to “cross-register” to a different SUNY college to take courses to complete a degree. Please reference the Cross Registration Policy searchable at For additional information start the discussion with your Student Support Advisor.

Degree Works

Students can check their progress toward their degree or certificate with MyMV. Using Degree Works, you can see the name of your advisor, overall GPA, course requirements for your program, and courses completed and in-progress. Courses that do not count toward graduation will be found under “Fallthrough” (courses not applied to your program). 

Full-Time Registered Student

One registered for 12 or more credit or equivalent hours in any semester.

Late Registration

Please contact your Holistic Student Services Advisor for assistance if your miss a registration deadline. 

Matriculation and Re-Matriculation

Matriculation is the process by which a prospective student applies for admission into a two year program or certificate and is officially accepted by the college. Once accepted the requirements for your program will be determined by the catalog year in which you began. Matriculation terminates with graduation, dismissal, deactivation of a program, or lack of registration for four consecutive semesters not including summer and intersession.

Re-matriculation occurs when a formerly matriculated student returns to the college to pursue a degree or certificate. See the Holistic Student Support Office to meet with a Student Support Advisor.


MVCC uses MyMV. The system is available to all students and is accessible through the College’s website, With a college-issued Personal Identification Number (PIN) students can choose several options to manage their information:

  • Personal Profile
  • Blackboard
  • Bookstore
  • Business Office
  • Class Schedule
  • College Calendar
  • Degree Works
  • Email
  • Emergency Alert System
  • Financial Aid
  • Registration Information
  • Registrar’s Office


A student who enrolls in either credit or non-credit courses without applying to or being accepted by the College into a degree or certificate program. Non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive state or federal financial aid. 

Part-Time Registered Student

One registered for fewer than 12 credit or equivalent hours in any semester.


The process by which a student settles their financial obligation to the College after scheduling. You can print a receipt from your MyMV account. 

A valid Certificate of Residence must be on file for non-residents of Oneida County. Those not meeting this requirement are subject to additional charges. Questions regarding payment should be directed to the Business Office.


Once the student schedules their classes, students are considered registered after they pay their bill by the dates published by the Office of Records and Registration. All outstanding financial obligations must be satisfied by the student before registering for a succeeding semester. 

Release of Student Information – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

In releasing information about students, MVCC follows the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. A complete statement of the College’s policy is contained in the Student Handbook.


The process by which courses are added to the student schedule by the student, the Student Support Advisor or the Office of Records and Registration. The College reserves the right to close, cancel, split sections, or reassign instructors as appropriate.

Schedule Cancellation

Students who have not made payment by the due date may have their class schedules canceled. Classes are available on a space-available basis. The College reserves the right to close or cancel classes as appropriate. 


A semester is a 16-week period that includes both instructional and exam periods. See the Academic Calendar for semester dates.

Special Notice: The one-year Airframe and Powerplant Technology Certificate program does not follow the College’s standard academic calendar due to the required training schedule.

Senior Citizen Audit

Oneida County residents who are 60 years of age or older can sign up to audit certain classes tuition-free. Audit is on a space-available basis and should be requested no more than two days prior to the start of classes. Classes that cannot be audited are those that are non-credit or laboratory classes that would require additional instructional equipment or supplies, such as in the sciences or culinary classes, as well as fitness center classes.

Auditing students attend classes without participating in testing. There is a grade of AU given but no credit is granted for the class. Textbooks are purchased at the student’s expense. MVCC is not responsible for any other expense that may be incurred. All inquiries regarding Senior Citizen Audit should be directed to the Office of Records and Registration.

Transcript Request

Official transcripts are sent electronically via PDF by secure email or printed on security paper and sent by standard U.S. mail in a sealed envelope. MVCC will issue the first official transcript requested at no charge. Each additional transcript is $10. MVCC has retained Parchment to process transcript orders over the internet. Please go to to get the link to request your transcript.

Wait List

Classes are scheduled on a space available basis. If the class you want is full, you have the option to add your name to the waitlist. You may then be added to the class later if space becomes available. Waitlisting is not a guarantee that you will get the class you want.