Drug Free Schools and Campuses

MVCC clearly states that it seeks to assure the health and wellbeing of all students. The College is committed to prevention efforts and intervention techniques. The College is committed to a standard of conduct that prohibits, at a minimum, the unlawful possession and use or distribution of alcohol and other drugs by students.

Students should remember that the sale, use or even possession of a narcotic or dangerous drug (including marijuana, LSD, or any “narcotic, drug, depressant, or stimulant drug”) constitutes an illegal act, unless expressly permitted by law. Legal authorities are required by their office to investigate and to prosecute whenever there is evidence of such illegal activity, and the College student is not immune from such investigation and prosecution.

The College, therefore, will readily cooperate with law enforcement agencies in the upholding of the law and expects that our students will recognize drug abuse for the problem that it is and avoid its dangers.

If, unfortunately, a student does engage in such illegal activity, it should be understood that he or she faces not only legal prosecution but also the possibility of disciplinary action through the Student Conduct Judicial Procedure.

MVCC’s policy is outlined in the College’s Right to Know publication, available upon request and on the College’s website www.mvcc.edu.