Investigation of Violent Felony Offenses

Mohawk Valley Community College Department of Public Safety officers are fully sworn and stated certified Peace Officers under article 2.10.78 of the New York State Criminal Procedure Law. All officers have police powers within their jurisdiction. Should an officer respond to an offense which results in serious injury, death or appears to be a violent felony offense, the officer will take appropriate action as outlined by the department’s Manual of Rules and Regulations. In those instances in which the department does not have the resources for a proper investigation, the department will contact a larger police agency (i.e. Utica Police, Rome Police, and New York State Police) for assistance. The case will then be turned over to that department. Should a case be turned over to another agency, the Department of Public Safety will take on the role of an assisting agency. The Executive Director of Public Safety will notify appropriate college officials as soon as possible.