Investigation of Missing Student Report

Reports of missing faculty, staff, guest or non-residential students should be reported to the Public Safety Office for assistance.

Residence Halls: Mohawk Valley Community College has a policy and procedure in place in the event a Residence Hall student is reported as missing. 

Any person wishing to report a Residence Hall student missing must contact the Public Safety Department. Public Safety personnel will initiate a missing student incident report and immediately report its findings to the appropriate College administrator. The Administrator, in accordance with SUNY procedures, will contact the appropriate student contact and law enforcement according to guidelines. Residence Hall students 18 years and older may register a confidential contact to be notified instead of the Emergency Contact on their Residence Hall Information and Preference Form. A custodial parent or guardian will be the emergency contact for a non-emancipated student under age 18. In all cases, the Vice President for Student Affairs will serve as the main point of contact and repository of information.