Student Service Center

Utica Campus – Payne Hall 1st Floor

Includes the following offices:

  • Academic Advisement (Open until 6 p.m., Monday-Thursday).
  • Accessibility Resources
  • Admissions
  • Adult Learner Services
  • Business Office
  • Counseling
  • Financial Aid
  • Help Desk (Open until 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday)
  • International Student Services
  • Payroll Office
  • Assessment Testing
  • Records and Registration
  • Veterans’ Services

There is a Help Desk in the Center where most questions can be answered. Students may use computers in the Center to check course availability, schedule courses, make payment arrangements, and complete financial aid forms online. To check personal information including degree progress status, grades, schedules, transcripts, financial aid status and more in their Student Information and Registration System (SIRS) account, students need to have a PIN. This is available on the Registrar’s website or with photo I.D. from the Registrar’s Office.

Student I.D. Cards

Upon completion of registration and payment, students may obtain an I.D. card. I.D. cards can be obtained in the Public Safety Office in Utica or the Student Services Office in Rome.

  • I.D. cards are valid for three years from original issue date.
  • There is a replacement fee for lost or physically damaged cards.
  • I.D. cards are required for the use of some facilities, admission to events, photo identification, financial purposes, computer labs, etc.
  • Used in the Bookstore, the I.D. card allows students to access their available financial aid and allows the Bookstore to waive the sales tax on textbooks.
  • I.D. cards must be shown and/or relinquished upon the request of any college official or authorized representative of the College.

Residence Hall Card

Your student I.D. card is also a proximity card used to enter the main entrances of your complex and the Game Room. Any student who loses this card outside of normal business hours for the Public Safety Office will be given a temporary card upon request by contacting the R.A. on Duty at ext. 5310. A temporary card will work only the front doors; it is not a temporary meal card. This temporary card will remain operable for a maximum of three days. Punching a hole in the card or any similar modification of the card will damage it.

NOTE: Students loaning their I.D./proximity card to anyone will jeopardize their residency.