collagework graduatesThe Arc Oneida Lewis chapter, has collaborated with Mohawk Valley Community College to host a 2 year non-degree, non-credit vocational program at both Utica and Rome campuses for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal of the program is to provide the training necessary for the students to obtain employment at the time of graduation while enjoying life on a college campus.

Program Flyer

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As of Fall 2019, CollegeWorks curriculum has been totally revised and implemented with an emphasis on obtaining and retaining employment and independent living skills. 

Completed Application, Completed Mandatory Visits, Age 18 and over, Graduated from high school, OPWDD Eligible, Receives Medicaid, Successful completion of the admissions process.

No cost for students who are OPWDD eligible and receives Medicaid. A self-pay option is available.

CollegeWorks staff assist students with opening their ACCES-VR Case for Job placement services following graduation. The goal is for students to be employed in the area of their chosen career.

CollegeWorks offers specialized off campus housing for students enrolled in the Utica program. Students who reside in the CollegeWorks dorms must receive SSI to cover the costs associated.

Gabrielle Cornish, Admissions Supervisor

Phone: 315-792-5465