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Join us for the 8th annual MVCC's Summer PREP program. Get connected to people, programs, and prepare for change. The summer PREP program will be held on two different dates;
August  11, or 16, 2022 Online. View PREP information.Audio Prep Flyer


August 11th



August 16th




The MVCC PREP program is tailored for students with learning differences who experience difficulty with organization, attention, time management, and prioritizing tasks. At MVCC, we recognize challenges at the college level arise not from a lack of academic abilities, but because of individual differences in independence, work load, and self-management required in a college environment.

This workshop held in virtual sessions is free of charge and offers a unique opportunity for students to begin their freshman year with increased confidence and self-awareness.

The PREP program offers a unique experience for first time college students. Participants will not only begin their freshman year with increased confidence and self-awareness but are better equipped to persist through their respective academic program.

Additionally, this workshop offers parents a dedicated session to learn more about MVCC Office of Accessibility Resources as well as community resources.

  • Studying Techniques
  • Taking Notes
  • Advocacy Skills
  • Memory Recall
  • Utilizing Resources/Asking for Help
  • Time Management/Organization
  • Student Services specific to Students with Disabilities
  • Assistive Technology and Applications

Assistive technology is any type of device or software which makes the learning process equally accessible to those with disability. Some assistive technologies include:

  • Screen Readers
  • Voice recorders
  • Applications (smart phone/tablet apps)
  • Alternate format text

PREP is geared to accommodate those with learning differences which impact social or academic areas. Learning differences include reading/writing comprehension, processing, AD/HD, or ASD. Students with a documented disability who fall under either of the categories below are encouraged to apply:

  • Students who are accepted and/or planning to attend MVCC in the fall or Spring semester
  • Students entering 12th grade who are college bound


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Parents | Guardians | Advocates
The PREP program offers an information session when advocates can learn about ACCES-VR and ask individualized questions.
The session is a great opportunity to meet Accessibility staff and learn about disability-related services and accommodations at the
college level.



Please fill out the required PREP application  by July 31st, 2022.There is limited space so please consider submitting it at your earliest convenience.  For questions please call the MVCC Office of Accessibility Resources at 315-792-5644 or email us at 
Click on the gray tab labeled "Online Registration Form" to register for your choice of date.  

2022's PREP program will be held August 11, or 16, 2022 virtually. 

For more information:

Mohawk Valley Community College
Office of Accessibility Resources
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY 13501

Fax to: 315-731-5868