Career Transition Program LogoThe Career Transition Program is a pre-employment transition service developed through a grant from ACCES-VR (Adult Career & Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation). 

The program goal is to work with students aged 14 to 22 in five skill areas: self-advocacy, job exploration, workplace readiness, work based learning, and post-secondary options and opportunities, in order to encourage growth and ensure future success. 

Programming includes a series of workshops, field trips, and work experiences, both on and off campus. Participants can qualify for stipends and the paid work at the college level.  

Students can start receiving these services while in high school and continue receiving them so long as they remain enrolled in an educational program, whether it’s with MVCC or another institution.  

Eligibility requirements are that the student is enrolled in a educational program, is 14 to 22 years of age, has a documented disability (current or past IEP, 504, or letter from a physical or mental health care provider), and is not currently receiving services from Acces-VR.  

  • Instruction in Self-Advocacy including topics such as understanding disabilities and accommodations, how and when to disclose a disability at work and school, social expectation differences for school age individuals vs adults, how to effectively communicate needs in order to thrive in the workplace, etc.
  • Job Exploration Counseling including completing career interest inventories and aptitude testing, opportunities to learn about in-demand careers, entrepreneurship, and more.
  • Workplace Readiness Training including lessons focused on developing social and independent living skills. Topics will include the impact and use of social media, professionalism, financial literacy, driving readiness and travel orientation, time management, organization skills, resume writing, interviewing, and much more.
  • Work-Based Learning Experience (WBLE) including site visits, guest speakers, employer panels, paid work experiences, internships, etc.
  • Counseling on Options & Opportunities for Post-secondary Educational Programs including information on colleges, certificate programs, training schools, apprenticeships, connecting with adult services, etc.

Virtual information sessions available!

Learn more about the Career Transition Program at one of our virtual information sessions — Tuesdays at noon or Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. Sessions will be offered weekly throughout the summer starting May 21. Register here.

How to get started

Please complete the Pre-ETS Intake Form and provide a copy of the required documentation. Your completed form and documentation can be sent via email to or dropped off at the Pre-ETS Office located within the Student Service Center in Payne Hall, MVCC Utica Campus.

Complete Pre-ETS Intake Form

Contact us

For more information about the program, including services, eligibility, and application contact Karin Salas, Coordinator of Pre-Employment Transition Services, at or 315-731-5818.