Office of Accessibility Resources

The MVCC Office for Accessibility Resources (OAR) is committed to providing leadership, advocacy and services to the college community to ensure a physical, academic, social and attitudinal environment in which any student or visitor can participate with equity and dignity. Located in WH 129 A-E.

Holistic Student Support Office

Our Student Support Advisors at Mohawk Valley Community College are here to provide expert planning, accurate guidance, and stable support for you as you create, work toward, modify, and attain your educational goals. You and your Student Support Advisor work together as a team to best understand the direction and purpose of a college education for you. Student Support Advisors are assigned to help students based upon their program of study.

Career Development Center

We realize that career planning can be complex and decisions are difficult, so the Career Development Center has dedicated professionals to assist MVCC students and alumni with forming career and educational goals, and making decisions about their futures. Additionally, as you approach graduation we provide services to assist you with a successful job search.

College Community Connection (C3)

College-Community-Connection (C3) is a centralized network or connecting hub of services and resources that can aid you in your time of need. They work together with local community agencies to assist MVCC students in completing their educational goals. If you are without housing, frequently skipping meals, in need of social services, having transportation issues, or having any other issues outside of the classroom, C3 can help.

Health & Wellness Center

The MVCC Health Center extends a number of services to our students and staff to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Health Center works closely with the Residence Life staff, the Office of Accessibility Resources, the Counseling Center and faculty to help in whatever way we can to keep students at their optimum level of health and successful in their academic pursuits.

Learning Commons

Research on student success tells us that learners benefit from nurturing, engaged conversation, supported risk taking, collaborative learning spaces, and access to current technologies.

The Mandia Family Learning Commons provides these in the form of holistic online and on-campus tutoring, open computer labs, research assistance, and a team of peers and professionals dedicated to student-centered learning. Our services are free and available to all enrolled students.

Student Service Center

The Student Service Center Help Desk is where most student questions about MVCC can be answered. Students may use computers in the Center to check course availability, schedule courses, make payment arrangements, and complete financial aid forms online. To check personal information including degree progress status, grades, schedules, transcripts, financial aid status and more in their MyMV account.