If you are interested in donating items to the C3 program, follow the link to see a list of items in need:

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For other donations, please contact C3 at c3@mvcc.edu or

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Collge Community Connection LogoCollege-Community-Connection (C3) is a centralized network or connecting hub of services and resources that can aid you in your time of need. They work together with local community agencies to assist MVCC students in completing their educational goals.

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If you are without housing, frequently skipping meals, in need of social services, having transportation issues, or having any other issues outside of the classroom, C3 can help.

Services provided include:

  • Child and elder care services: Identifying and utilizing available services and providers
  • Transportation: Free access to public transportation
  • Healthcare services: Insurance, vaccines, prevention, screening, and treatment
  • Family and/or employment assistance: Temporary employment, tax services, financial literacy, and public assistance
  • Counseling: On-campus and community-based services
  • Legal aid: Free consultations
  • Food assistance: On-campus food pantries, connections to community pantries and other food assistance programs
  • Housing assistance: Temporary housing, utilities, weatherization, and relocation
  • Emergency Assistance: Relief and recovery, and start-up help
  • Other support services

Contact Us

Email: c3@mvcc.edu 
Phone: 315-792-5342 
Office: Wilcox Hall Room 141

Schedule a meeting with C3 staff

To enroll in the C3 program, you can complete Student Intake Form and a staff member will contact you.

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