Student Congress

Alumni College Center 224

Student Congress has several purposes:

  • Oversees the expenditure of the Student Activity Fee
  • Acts as a liaison with the College for arranging for students to serve on College committees
  • Provides programs that benefit all students.
  • Any student can participate in Student Congress or may address the members of Congress on matters that are of concern to the student body.
  • To be voting members of the Congress, students must complete a leadership training session administered by Student Activities, and maintain a 2.0 cumulative average.

Posting Policy

Publicity materials posted on bulletin boards may be limited in size. Clubs wishing to use bulletin boards should see the Student Activities Office in ACC 208. The group or individual involved is responsible for taking down outdated material.

Notices, flyers, signs, posters, etc., are not permitted on walls, doors, windows, etc. The placing of such material on vehicles parked in College parking areas is prohibited. Language, graphics, artwork, etc., on such materials are expected to conform to commonly accepted standards of good taste and morality. The College reserves the right to remove all materials in violation of or is inconsistent with College policy. The College will not knowingly allow any materials to be posted if it advertises an event or activity that is in violation of civil or criminal law.

Student Co-Curricular Transcript

The Student Co-Curricular Transcript provides a listing of your involvement in College life that does not appear on your academic transcript. Participation in Diversity and Global View events and tutorials, clubs, activities, leadership experiences (athletic and student organizations), honors, scholarships, and awards will be listed on the co-curricular transcript. This additional information may help you stand out when you look for a job, or transfer to a four-year college. For more information, go to the Student Activities Office in either Utica or Rome.

Voter Registration Center

The Student Activities Office serves as a voter registration center for the Utica Campus. The Student Services Center serves as a voter registration center for the Rome Campus. Voter registration forms and information are available. It is the responsibility of the individual who picks up the registration form to mail or deliver it in person, when completed, to the appropriate local Board of Elections. You can also download a form at