Health and Wellness Center

Alumni College Center, 104

Main Telephone: 315-792-5452 

College Nurse: 315-792-5683

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

College Nurse

The Health and Wellness Center College Nurse (RN) provides free basic first aid, health assessments, and referrals as necessary to insure timely attention to health issues.  The Health and Wellness Center also provides various other free services, including over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacid medication, etc.  Personal supplies including condoms and female hygiene products are available at no cost. The College will make all attempts to have a physician available in the Health Center approximately two hours per week during the Fall and Spring semester, also at no cost.

College Physician

All students are eligible to see the physician at no cost. To review the physician name and credentials, please see the College website. Appointments to see the physician are preferred, but not required. The physician has a limited amount of the most common prescription medications for students who do not have health insurance.

Health Referrals

Our Website,, and the Health and Wellness Center also have “Hawk Topics” which highlight helpful information related to locations of area emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, local clinics and pharmacies. – It’s under community resources on our page.

Special Services

  • Free pre-participation evaluations
  • Free work and internship limited physicals

Student Illness/Absence

It is the student’s responsibility to contact their instructors of any planned or unplanned absences.  E-mail contact is suggested.  However, in the case of an emergency, such as an unexpected hospitalization or severe illness, etc., the College Nurse will notify the student’s instructor(s) if the student is unable to contact themselves.  A family member or friend may request this service by contacting the Health Center on behalf of the student.  The student is required to contact his or her instructor(s) as soon as they are able. Instructor policy will determine the effect any absence will have on grades.

Public Health Law 2165 and 2167

All college students born on or after January 1, 1957, taking six (6) credit hours or more or the equivalent on campus must provide proof of immunization or immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella.  Additionally, the Meningitis Response, which is part of the Health Information form, must be completed by each student or guardian for any student under the age of 18.  The completion of this form is mandatory; however, receiving the meningitis vaccination is not.


Age Exemption: Students born prior to January 11, 1957, are not required to provide proof of immunization, but must provide proof of age, such as a driver’s license, to obtain an exemption.  However, the meningitis response section of the health form still must be completed.

Medical and Religious Exemptions are defined by Public Health Law 2165.  Please see the College Nurse for assistance.

Veteran Exemption: Veterans discharged from the Military within the last 10 years may be eligible for a military exemption.  Veterans must provide a copy of their honorable discharge and complete the Veteran packet requesting immunization records from the Military. Veterans who are recent high school graduates may be able to obtain their immunization records more quickly from their high schools.

On-line students may be exempt from providing proof of immunizations and signing the meningitis response as long as they are not on campus more than 6 equivalent credit hours.  Future transition to on-campus enrollment will void this exemption.

Student Health Information forms are available and can be submitted to the Health Center on the Utica campus or to the Rome Student Services office, Plumley Complex.  Health forms are also available on line at

Affordable Care Act Health Insurance

Your Health Center partners with an Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Navigator. Please contact the Health Center for dates and times when the navigator will be on campus.