The Enrollment Help Desk in Payne Hall (or the Student Services office on the Rome campus) is staffed 8:30 am-6:00 pm Mondays –Thursdays and 8:30-4:30 Fridays all year round with the exception of the holiday week in December.

Once you are accepted as a student you will receive your MVCC email address from the First Year Experience office.

MVCC email is found at

Student email accounts are accessed using the following formula:

Login: Your Email Address which is your first initial, last name, day of birth, followed by I.E. Jamie Smith born Dec. 5 is
Password: last four digits of your Social Security Number OR the last four digits of your Student M number.

If this doesn’t work, the IT Help Desk or the Student Service Center Help Desk (315-731-5800) can assist you in fixing the problem.


Sign into a computer. Press Ctrl Alt Delete.

Click on "Change Password."


Open Internet Explorer and log into email on

Select the Gear ICON in top right corner. Select "Change Password."

Please Note: The recommended browser is Internet Explorer. Other browsers will be supported in the future.

To access Brightspace:

Username: First initial, last name, and day of birth. (e.g.: jdoe05) (Same as your computer account.)

Password: Last four digits of your Social Security Number. (Same as your computer account.)

Please contact for help with your Brightspace account.

Faculty/Staff: MVCC College IDs are obtained at the Public Safety office on the Utica campus and in the Student Service office on the Rome campus. 

Students: In order to obtain your MVCC ID, you need to have registered for classes and be able to show another photo ID or answer personally identifying questions before your picture is taken. Once you have your schedule and receive your ID, you can take both to the Bookstore if you wish to purchase your books there.

Yes, a replacement ID cost $5 or $10 for a Residence Hall ID.

Yes, the Help Desk in Payne Hall can assist with all these self-service functions.  There are computers available for these functions behind the Help Desk.

The Help Desk staff members are more than happy to direct students to the Financial Aid forms, such as FAFSA, TAP, and loan forms, but they are not financial aid advisors. Students and their parents must complete the FAFSA/TAP themselves; staff can’t do it for them.

Students see the computers and think they can print class work, take tests, and work on class assignments. The Help Desk computers are only for enrollment functions (financial aid, MyMV, registration, etc.).