New Student:  The housing process for a new student starts in the Admissions Office.   All students have (or will have) an opportunity to check “interested in on-campus housing” on their MVCC application.  When accepted, the Admissions staff will determine academic eligibility.  If eligible, they will be put on the housing list by Admissions and Residence Life will send a Housing Information Packet.  If they are close (65-69.9) to eligibility, Admissions will conditionally accept them.  There is ample on-campus housing.

Current or Past Student: Please contact the Residence Life Office. There is ample returning student housing and the Residence Life & Housing Office will be happy to arrange for a Housing Application Packet to be sent.

The Residence Halls do SEEM expensive, but they really are cost effective. The Room and Board costs at most state schools, including 4 year, often exceeds the cost of tuition. However, the Residence Halls cost about $50 a day, and include ALL meals, ALL utilities, WiFi, Room Rent, FREE Laundry, etc. When you look at it that way, is it really cheaper than driving in to campus an hour each day and having to buy meals and gas on the road AND get a car?

Great news - there is NOT a waiting list for the Residence Halls.

We are a small part of society.  Everything that happens in society COULD happen anyplace … including the Residence Halls.  However, the important thing is to consider how a living environment is equipped to handle issues. 

The MVCC Residence Halls are well equipped:  the campus Public Safety Officers, patrol the Residence Halls, uniformed officers are at the front doors from 9pm-4am each day, all doors have deadbolts, the Residence Halls have fire sprinkler systems, there are nearly 60 Security Cameras and there are RAs on each floor.

All students are held accountable for the code of conduct.

We are ready and able to help. See a Professional Director in the Bellamy Hall Office, or contact the Residence Life & Housing Office at (315)792-5657.

We close for Thanksgiving, the Intersession and Spring Break. However, WE DO house for international students and students with housing insecurities for all breaks, except the week or so between Christmas and New Years Day (as possible). Individuals who may not have an alternate, safe housing during breaks should consult with Residence Life & Housing.

Interestingly, MVCC took the same route many colleges are taking now and not providing any off-campus housing referrals. 

Students can use online sources to look for apartments.

Call the RA on Duty at 315-792-5310. They can assist you OR they can get in touch with a professional for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

We want you to live in a comfortable environment. We will gladly accommodate room changes when possible, providing it does not impact another resident. For assistance, DURING the year, please contact your Resident Director in the Bellamy Hall Office. If you will be a new student, contact

A list of all students who received a package will be posted by the ACC Mailboxes and we regularly text students. Simply come to the Alumni College Center, Room 208 with your ID to claim your package once your name is listed.

Contact the Residence Life & Housing Office or Bellamy Hall Office. If it is an immediate safety related concern, contact the Public Safety Office.

You can get replacement keys or a lock change 24 hours a day. DON’T allow your room to be left unsecure. Call the RA on Duty from a floor assistance phone at 5310. No charge unless you don’t find your keys in two weeks.

For Snack Machines, you can get a refund by reporting to the Auxiliary Services Office ACC 206. For Pepsi products, they require that you call the number on the machine.

Go to, click Current Resident. “WORK ORDER” is on that page.

We realize how essential the Internet is in the Residence Halls. If you are experiencing an issue, please call the 24 Hour Technical Support at 1-855-895-5302. You may also contact the Residence Life & Housing Office in the Alumni College Center Room 208 for assistance.

We can get you a spare ID so that you can access your Residence Hall. Please go to the Bellamy Hall Office, or call (315) 792-5310.

• New students contact Residence Life to start housing.  This is NOT true – they contact Admissions.

• That we are “always full” and have a waiting list.  There is not a waiting list.