We support students as they explore and develop their career goals and help them transition from the Academic setting to the Employment arena. Aside from major and career exploration, we also assist students in the formation of resumes and cover letters; as well as networking and interviewing skills and techniques.


 MVCC Career Services offers a variety of tools to explore your interests and abilities.  Computer-based assessments and guided interviews can help you choose what you might try first. We also encourage students to speak with professors and other professionals in their potentially desired fields.
 Whether you need help making a resume or want someone to look over the resume you already have, the MVCC Career Services Office can help.  We’ll also be able to show you ways to make your resume available to potential employers. For those without a resume, you should check out mvcc.optimalresume.com to begin crafting your resume.

The MVCC Career Services does not hire students, but we can help you with your job searching, both on and off campus.


The MVCC Career Services Offices is part of a consortium of 6 local colleges which features an employment website, Purple Briefcase.  This site features local employers seeking local graduates but also has links to searches throughout the nation and internationally.

MVCC Career Services also strongly advises that their students post their resumes to https://app.purplebriefcase.com/pb/account/login?s=MVCC, so that they can search employers and vice versa.


There is no easy way to discover what would be a good career match.  What your interests are, how your values show, what your financial needs are, etc., are some of the questions that help you get to the answer.  Working with the Career Services Office can help you explore those variables.


Major specific Internships are coordinated through the Academic Centers, so speak to your Academic Advisor.  The Career Counselor in the Career Services Office may be able to help you search for other experiential opportunities.


There are 2 pathways for students to work on campus, Federal Work Study and MVCC Student Assistant.  If you have been awarded Federal Work Study through Financial Aid, please contact Financial Aid to start the Work Study process.  If you have not been awarded Work Study, Student Assistant positions would be your option.  

Student and non-student employment opportunities are listed through MVCC Human Resources at https://mvcc.csod.com/ats/careersite/search.aspx?site=1&c=mvcc