Residence Hall Facilities And Services

Common Areas

Common areas (including the Game Room, North & South Halls Lounges, Bellamy MPR, Bellamy Lobby, Bellamy Flex Rooms and Study Lounges) in each Residence Hall are for the enjoyment of all residents and are fantastic locations to engage yourself into the Residence Hall community.

Residence Hall Staff may choose to close a lounge area due to improper use, such as excessive noise or mess. Any excessive mess in any lounge may result in a fine for all floor residents. Certain lounges may have posted access hours.  Under no circumstances is lounge furniture or equipment to be removed from its designated area. 

Extension Cords/Plug Adapters

Standard household extension cords (zip cords) and plug adapters are not allowed. If additional outlets are needed, the only acceptable extension cord is a “UL” approved 14-gauge/15 amp strip style surge protector with an on/off switch.

Gathering Room-Bellamy Hall Suites

There is a semi-private Gathering Room in each Bellamy Hall suite. This room is for the use and enjoyment of suite occupants and their guests. As part of the College’s commitment to safety, Residence Hall staff will conduct periodic rounds in the suites. The Gathering Rooms are to remain clear of any items, which prohibit a clear/unobstructed exit from each suite bedroom/bathroom at all, times. The glass window in the Gathering Room door must remain uncovered at all times.

Residence Hall Housekeeping will enter each suite to clean the Gathering Room and bathroom on a rotational basis. On this day, residents are expected to remove all personal items from the bathroom as well as from the Gathering Room furniture so that they can be properly cleaned. Suite residents will each receive a key to the Gathering Room and are required to lock the room when no one is present.


Each resident is issued a room key. A Gathering Room key is also issued to Bellamy Hall residents. If you lose your key(s), you must immediately contact a Residence Hall Staff member. There is a $40 charge for replacement of any room key. There is a $60 -harge to replace both the room key and Gathering Room key. No billing occurs until a two-week grace period has passed. If in the staff’s or your judgment, a lost key poses a security breach, Residence Hall staff will change your room lock(s) at no additional charge, other than the replacement key charge. Students loaning their keys to any person(s) other than their roommate(s) will jeopardize their residency.  Residence Hall keys are not permitted to be duplicated; no copy can be made.  Residence Hall Security is extremely important! Replacement keys/lock change is available by contacting Residence Hall Staff at ext. 5310 from a floor Assistance Phone or via cellphone at 315-792-5310 (24 hours a day). DO NOT leave your room unsecured.

NOTE: If a student returns a key(s) after the two-week grace period and they were billed, it may be returned to the Residence Hall Facilities Office and they will receive a $20 refund ($30 if it is a room and Gathering Room key).

Laundry Facilities

Each Residence Hall contains washing machines and dryers in the laundry room for resident use only. This is a free laundry program. Any problems with a machine should be reported via online work order at Additional service information is posted in each Laundry Room.

The laundry machines are managed by CSC Service Works. A service portal for users called Laundry View is available.  This portal allows students to view laundry availability, completion and more. Instructions are posted in the Laundry Room.

Mail, Packages (Parcels) and Mailboxes

Each student will be assigned a mailbox. Mailboxes are located on the second floor of the Alumni College Center, next to, ACC 208. You should request anyone sending you mail to address the envelope as follows:

Your Name
Box __ __ __ (Not P.O. Box)
Mohawk Valley Community College
1101 Sherman Drive
Utica, NY 13501

The mail is delivered Monday - Friday, times to be announced. Students are reminded that the mailboxes and mail delivery system are subject to the regulations of the U.S. Postal Service. Students are asked to empty their college mailbox once a week, at a minimum.

PACKAGES (Parcels):   Students will be text messaged when their package is received by the Residence Life Office.  If a current cell phone is not on file with the College, the student will be emailed.  All packages must be picked up within a week or they will be returned to the sender. To receive your package, present your I.D. in the Residence Life Office in the Alumni College Center, Room 208.

Special Notice:  It is highly recommended that a student does not put their building or room number on any mail or package.  Use your box number.  There are senders who use 3rd party delivery services who will leave your package unattended outside of a building if you use your building/room number.  It is recommended that students note special instructions on any package delivery that state: "Must be delivered to the College Loading Dock during regular business hours Monday-Friday.  Package cannot be left unattended."



Microwaves are available in each complex. The individual(s) using the area will be responsible for immediate cleanup. Failure to clean up will result in a fine and/or removal of microwave. Vandalism or safety hazards could result in loss of microwave.  Students who activate the Fire Alarm due to inattentive food preparation or not following basic food preparation instructions will incur any fine levied against the College by the City of Utica.


A kitchen facility is available in Bellamy Hall for all Residence Hall students between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Anyone wishing to utilize this facility must report to the Bellamy Hall Office and request the facility to be opened. When the student is finished using the facility, they must inform the Bellamy Hall Office. Any vandalism will result in termination of this privilege. Failure to clean up will result in a fine and/or closing of the kitchen.   "Deep frying" in oil is not permitted.  All persons must abide by the posted regulations.

Gathering Room Microwave

One microwave is allowed in each Gathering Room. The unit must be registered with the R.A. prior to use. No microwave shall exceed 1.1 cubic feet. Microwaves may only be placed on the College provided table students will receive when registering the unit and that table must be used exclusively for the microwave.

Quad Bathrooms (North and South Halls)

Persons identifying as male may only use male quad bathrooms.  Persons identifying as females may only use female quad bathrooms. Both males and females may use bathrooms in the first floor lounges and in the basements. Storage of any personal hygiene products in North an South quad bathrooms prevents proper cleaning and is, therefore, prohibited. All bathrooms in Bellamy Halls are gender neutral and public bathrooms on the 1st floors and basements of the North and South Halls are gender neutral. Gender neutral suite bathrooms are gender neutral.  


It is a goal of the Residence Halls to recycle as much as possible. Recycling rooms with bins are located and labeled on all floors. MVCC utilizes “One and Done” recycling whereas all paper and containers are put in one bin on each floor recycling station.
All basement laundry rooms will have a bin for empty soap containers.


Students may bring their own refrigerator as long as it is not larger than 3.2 cubic feet and “UL” approved. A small square unit (approximately 1.6 cubic feet) is recommended. All personal refrigerators are to be registered with your R.A. Those not complying will not be allowed to keep the refrigerator. Refrigerators must not be placed on top of another refrigerator or have furniture placed on top. No more than two (2) refrigerators are allowed in a room.

Bellamy Hall Office and RA on DUTY 5310

The Bellamy Hall Office is located on the first floor of Bellamy Hall. It is in this office that most all Residence Hall functions are conducted. Professional staff are in the office according to their office hours. A Resident Assistant(s) also sits duty each night in the office from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. If you have a problem and need to reach staff personnel on duty, call extension 5310 on an “Assistance” phone located on every floor of each hall or call 315-792-5310 from your cellphone. 

Room Safes

Similar to the safes used in hotels, a Room Safe is the perfect way to protect your personal property.

We highly encourage all students to protect their property by purchasing a room safe prior to arriving. It is recommended that the safe be cabled (i.e. a bike lock chain) to the bed frame.


Very limited storage is available for use during an academic year. For your convenience, items used for transporting your belongings, including empty suitcases, empty plastic containers and empty electronic boxes may be placed in the storage room during the semester. The Dormitory Corporation reserves the right to limit the amount of items a student can place in the storage room. Each individual item must be labeled with the owner’s name and room number. Items not reclaimed after you sign out of your room will be disposed of. The College will take normal security precautions for storage items, but cannot be responsible for damage or loss in case of fire, burglary, etc. The resident should contact Bellamy Hall Office for access to the storage room.  In the event a student is authorized to put personal belongings in a storage room at the time of check-out, items not reclaimed by the agreed upon time will be discarded.

International students with special needs should notify the Residence Life Office.

Study Lounges

Study lounges are available 24 hours a day in Huntington and Butterfield basements and in the Bellamy Hall 1st and 3rd Floor Flex Rooms. These lounges were created to provide a quiet and convenient location, conducive to study.  These lounges are to be used solely for study. Any/all noise is prohibited. In the event of “group studying,” respect and consideration for others is required. The Bellamy Hall 1st and 3rd floor Study Rooms, in addition to Huntington and Butterfield,  have computers available to students and printers available for students who wish to print homework, papers, etc. 

Television Lounges

There is one TV lounge in each complex to be shared among residents, generally on a first come, first serve basis. However, no resident may have authority to control the unit for more than three consecutive hours.  

Trash Removal

Students are responsible for properly disposing their own trash. Trash should be bagged and disposed of in the designated outside trash dumpster. Dumpsters are located in the Residence Hall Parking Lot. Trash bags are available via the R.A. Improper disposal will result in a fine.  Personal trash cannot be placed in lounge, suite or bathroom containers or near containes; it must be taken to a dumpster.

Vending Facilities

There are vending machines available in all of the Residence Halls for the convenience of the students. Information regarding snack machine refunds food from vending machines may be obtained through the Auxiliary Services Corporation in the Alumni College Center, room 206. Refunds from Pepsi machines may be obtained by contacting the customer support number listed on the individual machine. Banging on or tipping the machines is strictly prohibited.

Work Orders

If anything in your room needs repair, such as changing a ceiling tile or making small repairs, please fill out an on-line work order at All damage or malfunctions should be reported immediately via a work order. Emergency Work Orders should be immediately communicated directly to the RA on Duty at ext. 5310 in addition to completing a work order. You will be held responsible for damages if deemed to be vandalism or misuse.