Academic Requirements for Student Occupancy

Academic Eligibility:

Note: this policy is not in effect during the 2020-21 academic year as the College launches Guided Pathways.

Initial Eligibility – New MVCC Applicant

  • A minimum cumulative high school average of 70 at time of Admissions application. Students with a cumulative high school average of 65-69.9 will be conditionally eligible providing they enroll in a specialized Foundations Seminar (CF 100) course during their first semester.  This specialized section of CF 100 is designed specifically to promote academic success opportunity for Residence Hall students OR
  • GED minimum score of 2400 OR
  • Transfer student who attempted a minimum 12 equivalent credit hours and earned a minimum 1.5 housing review GPA in their most recent semester.

Initial Eligibility – Current non-resident MVCC Student or past MVCC Student

Currently in 1st semester at MVCC

  • The above requirements AND currently attempted a minimum of 12 equivalent credit hours and earn a minimum 1.5 housing review GPA at end of semester.

Completed at least one full-time semester at MVCC

  • Attempted a minimum of 12 equivalent credit hours and earned a minimum 1.5 housing review GPA in their most recent semester.

Continued Eligibility

  • Current Resident Hall students may continue to reside in the Residence Halls ONLY IF the previous semester housing review GPA is greater than or equal to 1.0.
  • Students may be eligible for an academic warning semester.

Academic Engagement

Residence Hall housing is a privilege. Students who live in the residence halls are expected to actively engage in activities that will result in satisfactory academic progress. Such activities include, but are not limited to, regular class attendance, completing readings and assignments outside of class, finishing papers/essays and projects in compliance with class syllabi; and preparing for and taking examinations. Failure to be involved in academic work in a purposeful way will jeopardize your ability to live in the residence halls.

Class Attendance

Residence Hall housing is a privilege. Only those students who are regularly attending classes may remain in the Residence Halls. If it is determined by the College at any time that a student has not attended classes for two consecutive weeks or longer, the student may be removed from the Residence Halls unless they present a doctor’s excuse. The student will be subject to the standard Room and Fee and Meal Plan Refund Policies and appeal process. 

Credit Hours

All residents must register a full-time academic load of at least 12 equivalent credit hours (non-credit courses count toward this total). Requests for exemptions to this policy can be directed to the Dean of Student Life. We recognize that some students may find it advantageous to reduce credit hours to below 12 equivalent hours during the semester.  Students may request permission from the Dean of Student Life or Resident Director for Academic Success to remain in the halls with fewer than 12 credit hours. Several factors are taken into account. Continued residence hall eligibility will consider,  in part, on how close to full-time they are. “Late start” or “B” term courses may be used in determining full-time status. However, in no case will a resident be eligible to remain in the residence halls with less than six (6) credit hours currently in session without special permission from the Residence Life Office. If a student is granted permission to drop below 12 credit hours, they should check with the Financial Aid Office first. Any payment due no longer covered by financial aid is due immediately.


Students must pre-schedule the next semester’s classes prior to the close of the present semester.

Room and Board Termination Agreement

The Room and Board Agreement is binding for the full Academic Year, Fall and Spring Semesters, or in the event of mid-year admission, the remaining portion thereof. Residents who request to terminate this Agreement for any reason or become ineligible to continue residency, are subject to approval and the fee schedule as it appears in the Agreement. The MVCC Dormitory Corporation, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to deny any and all requests for terminations.

Room Assignment Changes

Residents are encouraged to try to work out roommate differences when possible.  Students who wish to request a change in room assignment must discuss this matter with a professional staff member. No moves will be approved until after the first week of each semester.  The Dormitory Corporation reserves the right to re-assign students where it is determined to be in the best interest of the Dormitory Corporation and/or its residents.  A professional staff member must approve all room changes.  Any deviation will result in disciplinary sanctions.  The Dormitory Corporation reserves the right to house new students in any vacancy at any time during the semester.

Room Selection Process

All returning students, including students beginning residence in January, who wish to live on campus next academic year, must participate in the Room Selection Process.

Students will be able to pick up their Room Selection Process Information Brochure and Registration Form in the Residence Hall Office or the Residence Life Office in March.

Students who do not secure housing with a registration form and deposit for the following academic year, prior to the conclusion of the current academic year, will be subject to an eligibility review.  The quantity and seriousness of previous incidents will be a consideration when determining re-entry.

Withdrawal from the Residence Halls

Any student withdrawing from the Residence Halls during the semester must follow procedure or they forfeit any possible refund.


  1. Obtain a Student Withdrawal Form from the Payne Hall Student Service Center,  Residence Life or Bellamy Hall Office.
  2. Complete the form by obtaining appropriate signatures from required offices.
  3. Remove belongings from room.
  4. After all required signatures are obtained and belongings removed, the resident must complete the Room Condition and Inventory Form with an R.A. and return their key. Call ext. 5310 from an “Assistance” phone if your R.A. is not present. Residents are required to remove all belongings from their room and follow proper checkout procedures on the same day they withdraw from classes.