Resident Assistants

The R.A. is a resident who has been selected because of their concern for others, knowledge of the College, scholarship and dedication to the philosophy of residence hall living. R.A.’s have a responsibility to assist floor members in developing and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to study on the floor and throughout the halls. They are responsible for assisting students personally or through referrals with academic, personal and social problems. In addition to these responsibilities, they are involved in the enforcement of Residence Hall policies. Students are required to follow the staff’s directions. Failure to cooperate may result in judicial action. The R.A. on duty can be reached at extension 5310 from an “Assistance” phone or via cell at 315-792-5310.

Live-In Professionals

There are professionals responsible for the student administration of the Residence Halls. They are full-time, live-in members of the Residence Life Staff, with credentials, training and experience in Residence Life. Their office hours are normally 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. Evening hours are available, by appointment.

Each staff member is assigned to specific areas. However, they have administrative authority in each Residence Hall.

Supervisor of Residence Hall Facilities

The Supervisor of Residence Hall Facilities is responsible for the facilities and operations of the Residence Halls. The Supervisor of Residence Hall Facilities office is located on Huntington Hall First Floor; telephone 315-792-5612. Office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Support Staff

Our housekeeping staff is responsible for cleaning the buildings. Each housekeeper regularly cleans the bathrooms, lounges and other public areas in the halls; routine housekeeping only. Students should not expect the housekeepers to clean up after pranks or misconduct or in student rooms.

In addition to the housekeepers, maintenance personnel work in all the buildings doing repairs and other maintenance work. Get to know our support staff. They are friendly people who enjoy working with students. Note: All support staff wear clothing labeled “Dormitory Corporation” and nametags.