Student Congress clubs are open to all students!

The members of Student Congress elect or appoint fellow members to officer positions including President, Vice-President, Vice-President of Rome, Student Trustee, Treasurer, and Program Director/Cultural Committee member.

Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee is used collected by the College and is used to fund three separate entities at MVCC: Inter-collegiate Athletics, College Cultural Committee, and Student Congress Clubs/Organizations. 

Student Congress oversees a student activity fee* budget of over $500,000.00

Student organizations requesting funding should contact  Student Activities Office (on either campus).

All students who pay the student activity fee may become a member of Student Congress if they have a 2.0 or better term GPA.

Main Purpose

  1. Represent students to the College
  2. Supervise the student activity fee
  3. Plan events that are cultural, educational, recreational, and social


Thursdays at 3:30 p.m.




Contact Us

Phone: 315-731-5841

Vice-President of Utica  
Phone: 315-731-5820

Vice-President of Rome
Phone: 315-731-5824

Student Trustee

Phone: 315-731-5823

Program Board Director 
Phone: 315-731-5822 


De'Anna Hopkinson
Sandy Cummings