At MVCC emergency evacuation drills are kept to a minimum so as not to disrupt activities or have complacency set in. When the fire alarm sounds and an evacuation is in progress, elevators are not to be used except by emergency personnel.

The faculty will review evacuation procedures during the first week of classes, with each of their classes. Faculty and staff will insure the complete evacuation of their areas of responsibility.


  1. Upon the activation of the fire alarm horns and strobe lights, all occupants should evacuate as quickly as possible. The evacuation shall be orderly with a minimum of confusion through the closest exit. All students shall take their valuables and personal items with them because the duration of the evacuation is unknown. MVCC is not responsible for items  left in buildings.
  2. All people will move in an orderly manner to a safe distance (50 feet) from the building well away from entrances, and not stand in the roadways. Public Safety Officers, Facilities and Operations personnel, and administrative staff will monitor this.
  3. Any College students or employees with special needs for the evacuation will be attended to as quickly and safely as possible (see evacuation of mobility impaired).
  4. Under no conditions will occupants be allowed back into a building until the building has been inspected by officials and found safe for reoccupation. Only personnel from the Utica and Rome Fire Departments, MVCC Department of Public Safety, or the MVCC Environmental Health and Safety Office can give the all clear signal to re-occupy the building.