College-Community-Connection (C3) is a centralized network or connecting hub of services and resources that can help students with non-educational challenges. We work together with college offices and local agencies to assist MVCC students in completing their educational goals.

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Our Services


For all students, we have a well stocked food pantry, holding a variety of healthy and delicious food.

School Supplies

We offer highlighters, pens, pencils, folders, binders, notebooks and other supplies.

Hygiene Products

We offer deodorant, tampons, pads, laundry pods, and many other items.

Technology Assistance

We can loan you a laptop for the semester, and can show you the numerous resources the college and the community has, from public WIFI to our wealth of computer labs.

Employment Assistance

We can point you to our very own on-campus employment assistance department, and other resources online and offline.

Child/Elder Care

We can point you to numerous community resources to help take care of someone special to you.

Tax Preparation Resources

We can point you towards free services to fill out your taxes. Did you know the IRS launched a free tax filing program, with New York as one of the pilot states?

Housing Assistance Resources

If shelter is a concern, we can point you to numerous community resources to assist with this concern.

Legal-Aid Resources

We can direct you to a number of legal-aid resources in the area.

HEAP/Utilities Resource Assistance

We can point you to community services who may be able to help you pay a dawning energy bill.

Health Insurance Guidance

We can connect you to someone who can walk you through various health plans to find the ones that suit you and your situation the best.

Contact Us

Phone: 315-792-5342 
Office: Wilcox Hall Room 141

Schedule a meeting with C3 staff

To enroll in the C3 program, you can complete Student Intake Form and a staff member will contact you.

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