MVCC Alumni Stories

Mohawk Valley Community College has more than 40,000 alumni all over the world. We are proud of our alumni. Here are some of their stories: 

Musco Millner III headshotAlumnus of Merit Musco Millner III ’90 

Musco Millner III strives to be a blessing to others in every aspect of his life and career, which includes teaching college math as an adjunct instructor in addition to a long, proud career in law enforcement. He retired from the New York Police as captain in 2019 and is now Director of Campus Safety at Utica University. He continues to serve as an adjunct mathematics professor there and at MVCC. 

Brittany Vanderhoof headshotBrittany Vanderhoof ’12

When the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) began transmitting its first breathtaking images of the distant universe this past summer, MVCC Chemistry graduate Brittany Vanderhoof was among the first scientists to work with the observations that are revolutionizing our understanding of the cosmos. "My time at MVCC really helped shape me into the scientist I am today."

David Gould headshotDavid Gould ’12

As his father, longtime Coach and Associate Professor Bob Gould retires after a 43-year career, Dr. David Gould ’12 is just starting his own. The licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist has opened his own practice, combining modalities from two distinct disciplines for a unique type of therapy. “Having the freedom to practice in my own style is a great feeling. Chiropractic and acupuncture works — especially when done in conjunction.”

Coach Bob Gould headshotCoach Bob Gould reflects on career

MVCC Associate Professor and longtime Men's Soccer Coach Bob Gould has retired after 43 years serving as a knowledgeable instructor, mentor, and role model for his students, athletes, and colleagues, as well as the local community. "Every team has something special. There are so many great stories. ... Certainly, you get inspired by the game-winning goals, but to have athletes come back and tell you that you were the guy who turned their life around is really heartwarming."

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