MVCC Alumni Stories and Profiles

Since 1946, Mohawk Valley Community College has provided opportunities for affordable education to students in the Mohawk Valley region. Founded in 1946 as the New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences at Utica, MVCC was the first community college established in New York State. As a diverse institution with a global view, MVCC also offers career, transfer and transitional education, programs for personal and cultural enrichment, and supports community and economic development.

MVCC has more than 40,000 alumni all over the world. We are proud of our alumni. Here are some of their stories: 


Dr. Philip Domenico '72 Image of MVCC alumnus Dr. Philip Domenico

Dr. Philip Domenico '72 started his college education as a science major at MVCC, where he says he was able to show the world he was "college material.” Now, his nearly 30-year-old medical discovery with the potential to save thousands of lives is making waves as the first in a new class of anti-infective drugs that also shows great promise for patients with cystic fibrosis and potentially COVID-19. “It’s a lesson in patience, but we’ve come a long way over the last few years.”


Karen Korotzer '89 Image of MVCC alumna Karen Korotzer '89

For 30 years, Karen Korotzer ’89 has been advocating for the rights of people with disabilities to ensure they have the lives they want to live. As CEO of The Arc, Oneida-Lewis, she remains committed to her calling, working tirelessly to strengthen the support services through innovation, education, and community collaboration. Her dedication to the Mohawk Valley and her advocacy for education embody the College’s mission of serving students and our community, earning her the MVCC Alumni of Merit Award for 2020.


Virginia Motyka Green '49 Image of MVCC alumna Virginia Motyka Green

Virginia Motyka Green ’49 is one of MVCC’s first graduates and biggest cheerleaders. She majored in Retail Business Management,the first academic program offered by the College — which was then called the New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences.



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