alumni of merit

The Alumni Association is a group of alumni volunteers who place a high value on their MVCC experience. The Association serves the primary purpose of promoting MVCC in the community, as well as on campus, by planning and executing a variety of activities, projects, and programs to enhance the positive image and interests of MVCC and its graduates.

Some examples of the Alumni Association's commitments:

  • We provide opportunities for our current students to meet with some of our successful alumni for career and life guidance through our annual Alumni Speaker Series. 
  • We are involved in the college community, participating in club days and transfer days each semester. This allows us to educate current students about the Alumni Association and its mission.
  • We promote the College and the programs it offers through activities such as the annual Alumni Art Show.
  • We keep alumni connected to the College and foster these relationships through events and communications such as the annual Alumni Comets game and Foundation/Alumni Year-End Summary.

For additional information on the Alumni Association or alumni-related questions, please contact the MVCC Foundation at 315-792-5555 or send an email.