Structural Welding
Structural Welding Microcredential

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Spark your welding potential with our power-packed microcredential in Structural Welding. In addition to providing the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level and apprenticeship positions, this program expertly prepares you for welding certification exams endorsed by the New York State Department of Transportation and American Welding Society (both exams can be taken right here at MVCC). As you master the art of arc welding, you’ll fuel your career with expertise, and set yourself up for a successful career.

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MVCC Microcredentials

Gain these in-demand skills

  • Arc welding
  • Theory of pipe design and cutting
  • Welding ferrous and nonferrous metals in all positions
  • Special arc cutting techniques (air carbon arc, oxygen arc, underwater cutting, plasma cutting)
  • Standards for welds

Course List

Electric Arc Welding Procedures MT174 4 cr.

This course provides proficiency in the use of electric arc welding. Topics include welding ferrous and nonferrous metals in all positions, and the theory of pipe design and cutting.

Advanced Electric Arc Welding Procedures MT272 4 cr.

This course continues with instruction of the principles and practices electric arc welding on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and pipe. Topics include special arc cutting techniques such as air carbon arc, oxygen arc, underwater cutting, plasma cutting, along with theory and safety.

Welding Inspection and Quality Control Testing MT278 4 cr.

This course presents the American Welding Society standards. Topics include the standards of testing of welds, preparation of test samples, methods of inspection and quality control, and fundamentals and interpretations of the American Welding Society, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American National Standards Institute welding codes.



Luke Hobaica, Assistant Professor