The purpose of the Sustainability Council is to coordinate and initiate environmentally responsible sustainability strategies such as reducing the College’s carbon footprint.

Charter Sponsor

President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact

Vice President for Administrative Services



Membership (length of term for members, if applicable)

  • Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations (Standing): David Hazer
  • Member from the Residence Halls (Standing): Dean McCarthy
  • Member from American Dining (Standing): Gary Gaglianese
  • Member from the Business Office (Standing): Joyce Palmer
  • Member from CCED appointed by the President (2022): Michael Grider
  • Member from the Office of Marketing and Communications appointed by the President (2022): Katie Voce
  • Staff At Large Elected (2021): Cory Albrecht 
  • Rome Campus Representative appointed by the Dean of the Rome Campus (2022): Dan Yoxall
  • Academic Dean appointed by the Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs (2024): Joe Woodrow
  • Faculty At Large appointed by the Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs (2024): Angie Christian
  • At Large Representative Elected (2023): Carolyn DeJohn
  • At Large Representative Elected (2023): Erin Severs 
  • Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority, Outside Representation (Standing): Jamie Tuttle
  • Student appointed by Student Congress (2022): TBD


Task Action
Work from the recommendations of the Sustainability Design Team to develop a multi-year action plan for sustainability efforts at the College Develop action plan
Investigate best practices that might apply at MVCC Investigate
Recommend and facilitate  programs and workshops as necessary for student and employee enrichment offerings related to sustainability Recommend offerings
Work with administrative offices to recommend sustainability priorities that require funding Recommend priorities
Create and coordinate activities and events that advance sustainability efforts at the College Create and coordinate

Does Not

  • Make decisions
  • Determine policy
  • Discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center.
  • Keep the College Senate informed of your activity and include them in your processes whenever possible.
  • Consider all student and employee and affinity groups with regard to inclusivity.

Updated September 2021