The purpose of the Cultural Events Council is to enrich the college and the greater community through the planning, promoting and facilitating of a year-round cultural series that reflects and enhances diverse interests and strengthens learning opportunities.

Charter Sponsor

President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact

Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs



Membership (length of term for members, if applicable)

  • Director of Events and Guest Services, Chair (Standing): Bill Dustin
  • Member of Events and Guest Services appointed by the President (Standing): Erica Carrock
  • Member of Events and Guest Services appointed by the Dean of Rome Campus (Standing): Bella Popowski
  • Chair of DGV Commitee (Ex Officio): Kyle Lince
  • Member Student Services and Residence Life appointed by Vice President for Student Affairs (Standing): De'Ana Hopkinson
  • Chair of International Initiatives Commitee (Ex Officio): Carolyn West Pace
  • Faculty At Large elected (2022): Rialda Schulman 
  • Faculty At Large elected (2022): Shahida Dar
  • Faculty At Large elected (2022): Melissa Barlett
  • At Large appointed by Program Board Director: TBD


  • Solicit programming ideas from students, faculty, and staff.
  • Develop an annual budget plan.
  • Develop the annual Cultural Series program, including a variety of Diversity and Global View (DGV) events, and recommend offerings to the President’s Cabinet.
  • Coordinate with the MVCC Foundation to solicit sponsorships for the Cultural Series.
  • Coordinate with the Office of Marketing and Communications to market Cultural Events.
  • Coordinate with Academic Affairs to plan events that integrate/support curricular goals.
  • Maintain a sub-council that consists of three Cultural Events Council members, who also serve on the DGV Committee, which ensures DGV events planned by the council meet the DGV graduation requirement criteria.

Does Not

  • Make decisions
  • Determine policy
  • Discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center.
  • Maintain a diverse array of offerings at both the Utica and Rome campuses.
  • Consider all employee and affinity groups with regard to inclusivity.
  • Collaborate with the DGV Committee to maximize programming offerings and strengthen the DGV general education requirement.


Updated September 2021