As MVCC goes about accomplishing its mission and building on our vision, we are united in the shared values of everyone who works at the college. MVCC's values statement was developed in 2014 by faculty, staff, and students from all over the college, and in 2015 a workgroup of faculty and staff identified values behaviors that illustrate how these values illuminate our work together.

No hierarchy is intended or implied – and the richness intentionally offers many places for members of the MVCC community to connect, to see themselves, and to feel their work being appreciated. Every word of the text was written by members of the college community, from all across MVCC. These words bring to life how we who work and study here feel about MVCC, so each of us can find our own way to say,"I am MVCC."

"I believe in you,
so that you can believe in yourself.

Embrace our Community

value every person

  • By giving assistance with kindness and a smile
  • By being tactful and professional
  • By remembering others and making an effort to see how I am doing
  • By listening

celebrate diversity

  • By accepting and encouraging everyone
  • By believing that every person is valuable and can succeed
  • By understanding there are many different definitions of excellence
  • By reaching out to many different cultures

create strength

  • By building strengths and conquering weaknesses
  • By creating a positive impact and giving guidance
  • By continually moving the organization forward
  • By becoming a model for others

foster culture

  • By making others believe they belong here
  • By treating people with respect, dignity and civility
  • By learning and bonding with others
  • By creating a community of success

Model the Way

enjoy the climb

  • By smiling and saying good morning
  • By encouraging humor and passion
  • By keeping it fun.
  • By cheerfully coming to the rescue

design solutions

  • By stepping in and taking care of it
  • By tackling the problem in a courteous and professional manner
  • By creating a plan that works
  • By always seeking improvement

cherish the journey

  • By making someone’s day every day
  • By being pleasant to everyone I help
  • By always encouraging everyone
  • By showing Compassion and kindness

treasure every day

  • By putting a smile on everyone’s face.
  • By greeting each day with kindness
  • By being dedicated and helpful
  • By being understanding, kind and encouraging

Inspire Confidence

achieve the dream

  • By creating a plan together
  • By guiding others and pointing them in the right direction
  • By helping each person to become who they were meant to be
  • By persevering and succeeding

seize the opportunity

  • By designing the future
  • By getting the job done
  • By creating flexible solutions
  • By enjoying the new things I learn every day

expand horizons

  • With courage
  • By challenging everyone to step outside their comfort zone
  • By providing insight and guidance
  • By mentoring

defy the odds

  • By helping everyone achieve and hold their dream in their hands
  • By making everyone feel at ease
  • By celebrating successes
  • By teaching everyone to believe in themselves

Encourage Excellence

find a way

  • By providing everyone with the skills they need to be successful
  • By smiling and finding the solution
  • By exhibiting the spirit of helping
  • By doing it and doing it again

make things happen

  • By creating a person of excellence
  • By solving the problem quickly
  • By doing the small things that make everyone’s journey easier
  • By forging the opportunities that make a powerful difference

exceed expectations

  • By helping without hesitation
  • By going out of our way each and every day
  • By being responsive every time
  • By doing everything we can to help everyone

go beyond

  • By making it special
  • By being flexible and helpful
  • By providing the highest quality service
  • By caring enough to go the extra mile