The purpose of the Employee Enrichment Council is to assist in the overall development and coordination of a comprehensive annual employee enrichment program.

Charter Sponsor

President’s Cabinet

Charter Contact

College President



Membership (length of term for members, if applicable)

  • Executive Director of Organizational Development Ex Officio (Standing) Chair: David Katz
  • Member of Teaching Fellow Ex Officio (standing): Richard Kelly
  • Co-Coordinator of Faculty and Staff Development Ex Officio (standing): Anna Radlowski
  • Co-Coordinator of Faculty and Staff Development Ex Officio (standing): Christine Miller
  • Member of the President's Office chair appointed (Standing): Gloria Karol
  • Member of Human Resources appointed by the President (standing): Vacant
  • Adjunct Liaison appointed by the Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs (standing): Mark Montgomery
  • Member of the Rome Campus appointed by the Dean of Roman Campus (2020): Alisia Pooley
  • Member of Information Technology appointed by the Vice President for Administrative Services (2020): Lisa Flo; alternate Chuck Hendricks
  • Member of Student Affairs appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs (2021): Kathy Kotary
  • Member of Academic Affairs elected (2020): Frank Noti
  • Member of Student Affairs elected (2019): Liz Doherty
  • Faculty At Large elected (2021): Jocelyn Ireland
  • Member of Administrative Services elected (2019): Sabrina Fryman
  • At Large elected (2019): Debbie Otis

 Vice Presidents will ensure equal representation from each collective bargaining unit.


Task Action
Conduct research on professional development best practices in education Research
Annually solicit and collect input on employee enrichment needs and interests from all employee groups Solicit and Collect
Recommend program priorities to the President’s Cabinet Recommend priorities
Develop an annual employee enrichment program calendar Develop Calendar
Advise, and participate as necessary, on the development, scheduling and facilitation of employee enrichment offerings Advise and participate
Keep the College Senate informed as necessary Inform
Develop a multi-year strategic plan for employee enrichment offerings and recommend to Cabinet Develop plan


Does Not

  • Make decisions
  • Determine policy
  • Discuss contractual issues

Guiding Points

  • Consider all employee and affinity groups with regard to enrichment.
  • Keep the College mission, with an emphasis on the student experience, front and center.
  • Coordinate institutional memberships in professional organizations.