Purpose: To provide a mechanism to research and identify issues that pertain to the future of education and to make an annual recommendation to impact the extent to which MVCC is positioned to thrive in changing times.

Charter Sponsor: Cabinet

Contact for Questions: President

Timeline: Standing, Established 2005, Suspended 2019-2022, Reactivated 2023


Chair: President
Faculty At-Large (Elected)
Faculty At-Large (Elected)
Staff At-Large (Elected)
Staff At-Large (Elected)
VP for Academic Affairs (Appointed)
VP for Administrative Services (Appointed)
VP for Student Affairs (Appointed)
At-Large (President Appointed)

Does (Authority)

  • Continually scan the environment for patterns, signals, and trends that would positively impact student enrollment, retention, & success (Scan)
  • Engage MVCC community in discussions on the future as needed (Engage)
  • Amplify existing prototypes at the College worthy of scaling (Magnify)
  • Annually identify one big issue to recommend to Cabinet for the college integrate into its planning efforts to proactively shift the trajectory of the college in five years to strengthen capacity for adapting to disruptions. (Recommend)

Does Not

  • Feel constrained by realities of today.
  • Adopt a scarcity mindset.
  • Assume the future will be a linear extrapolation of the present.

Guiding Points

  • Consider ways to connect with organizational networks the college participates in like Strategic Horizons, Jobs For the Future, the Community College Workforce Consortium and others.
  • Be creative.
  • Be productively paranoid.
  • Maintain a mindset of abundance.
  • Consider engaging others through study groups, task forces, and self-organized teams to research, explore, and prototype ideas and solutions.


Revised March 2023