The FAFSA is filed for each academic year ( The academic year at MVCC begins with the summer semester, and includes, Fall and Spring of the next year (ex: Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021 = the academic year).

No, the FASFA is the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid and the New York State TAP program is free as well (

Fax number is 315-731-5852

The MVCC Federal code is 002871, and the New York State code for TAP is 2105.

Unless you are 24 years or older, parent information is required. The federal government understands that many students fall into this category, however, with limited funds, they must set criteria. This does not apply if you are married, or have children that you financially support 51% or more. If you are a ward of the court, or if someone had legal guardianship of you, please make sure you check yes to that answer on the FAFSA and provide us with the required documentation.

If you have unusual circumstances that you feel may qualify you as an independent student, please review and complete the form that is available on our website.

The information of the custodial parent should be included regardless of which parent claimed the student as an exemption for tax purposes. If the student has lived equally with each parent or didn’t live with either one, then the information reported should be for the parent who last provided the most support.

Yes, there is a Special Condition form located on our website which will explain what the office needs to make a possible adjustment to the financial aid that can be awarded. Not all adjustments will make a difference, but we will do our best to take all circumstances into account.

Yes, if your financial aid has been finalized (we have received all necessary paperwork) and the pending aid is enough to cover tuition, fees and other expenses, the bookstore will set up a book voucher for you to use.

You do not need to go to the financial aid office for this, simply bring your student id to the bookstore, and they will assist you. Generally books can be purchase with financial aid credit two weeks before the semester begins.

Yes – the FAFSA is your application for all Federal financial aid programs which include: PELL, SEOG, Federal Work Study, and Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized student loans.  If you do apply for a Federal Student Loan and you are a first time borrower at MVCC, you must complete an Entrance Interview and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) found at: 

Yes.  Federal Aid Programs (PELL and Loans) can be used to cover your summer classes.  To be eligible for aid, the classes you are taking must be required for your program of study.  You must have filed your current year FAFSA and complete a summer aid application for the Pell Grant and/or the Federal Direct Student Loan which can be obtained at the Financial Aid Office or found on the Financial Aid Website.  All application should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at least one week before the summer payment is due.