Advanced Standing Opportunities

MVCC recognizes that prospective students can earn college credit in a number of different ways, including MVCC’s extensive Dual Credit Program. Therefore, the College provides opportunities for applicants to enroll with advanced standing that reflects their prior learning and academic credit. Only credits meeting the requirements of the MVCC major can be accepted for inclusion in the major. The College may accept a maximum of 75% of all credits completed through the opportunities described below to complete MVCC degree or certificate requirements for graduation. Twenty-five percent of a student’s graduation credits must be taken at MVCC.

Transfer Credit

Applicants transferring to MVCC from other accredited institutions may receive whole or partial credit for college courses completed. Acceptance of transfer credit is the prerogative of the appropriate Academic Dean or their designee. Students who have attended other colleges, must request that an official transcript from those institutions be sent to the Admissions Office to complete their application. Only official transcripts from each prior college will be used for transfer evaluation.

Students may also earn credit through articulation agreements signed between MVCC and a specific secondary school. The College maintains these agreements with regional BOCES and local school districts. An original transcript from the regional BOCES or school district will need to be sent to the Admissions Office or Office of Records and Registration for processing.

Transfer credit is awarded for courses with a minimum grade of C- (C minus). Grades of “P” or “S” are acceptable only for Physical Education courses and for College Foundations Seminar. Grades of “S” are also acceptable from the Community College of the Air Force. Transfer courses are assigned a grade of “T” and are not used in calculating the student’s GPA.

Matriculated students may be permitted to “reverse transfer” back credit from other colleges to complete an MVCC degree. A minimum of 25% of required program credits must be completed at MVCC to fulfill the residency requirement. More information can be obtained in the Office of Records and Registration.

MVCC may grant course credit for passing, at an acceptable level, examinations administered under the AP program and the CLEP. For AP credit, the student must have earned a minimum score of 3 for credit. For CLEP credit, the student must have the minimum test score recommended by ACE (American Council on Education).

Applicants seeking transfer credit for academic work completed in a foreign educational system should contact the Admissions Office/International Student Services Office.

A veteran applicant must request a Joint Military Transcript (JST) to be sent to the Veterans Education Services Office. Transfer credit may be awarded upon review by the Academic Dean or their designee following the recommendations by ACE.

AP Course Credits

Applicants completing Advanced Placement Course work in high school may be eligible for MVCC credit according to the chart below. Applicants must request that the College Board send an official copy of their AP score report to the MVCC Admissions Office in order for potential AP credit to be evaluated.

Articulation Agreements

An articulation agreement serves as an understanding between MVCC and a specific secondary school. It provides pathways for students to enter specific academic programs with advance standing. The College maintains agreements with regional BOCES and local school districts. These agreements are subject to occasional change. Students should consult their high school counselors for agreement information.

If you have any questions on advanced standing or transfer-in credit, please contact or call the Office of Record and Registration at 315-792-5336.