DegreeWorks Transfer Finder Guide

Transfer Finder is a tool accessible through DegreeWorks that MVCC students can use to see how their completed credits will transfer to another SUNY institution. SUNY General Education courses and Transfer Pathway courses should automatically fulfill requirements at other SUNY Institutions.

How to Access Transfer Finder

  • Log in to MyMV
  • Choose the link to the Academic Records Menu
  • Choose the link to Check Degree Progress (twice)
  • Choose the Transfer tab at the top of the worksheet just below your name

How to Use Transfer Finder

Once you click on the Transfer tab, there are a variety of options.

  1. My Courses:
    1. “My Courses” will show a condensed list of the courses taken through MVCC.
    2. "My Courses" will not show courses that have transferred in to MVCC.
    3. To add courses taken through different institutions or AP credits, click:
    4. “Search/Add SUNY Schools” or “Add Other Schools.” Select the institution you wish to add. Once the institution is showing, click “Add New class.” You may then enter the courses which were taken at a previous institution.
    5. Any course information shown through MVCC or added for a different institution will now show in the Transfer What-If Audit.
  2. Transfer What-If Audit:
    1. “Transfer What-If Audit” allows you to see how your courses will transfer to another SUNY institution. 
    2. You may select up the three programs to compare.
    3. SUNY Transfer Pathway: When programs are part of a Transfer Pathway, you will receive credit for all courses completed in that pathway. If you choose this option, you will see which SUNY institutions recognize the program as a Transfer Pathway. Click the “SUNY Transfer Pathway” link, select the desired pathway, and click OK. Select up to three programs and click “See Comparison.”
    4. Academic Discipline: If you want to pursue a specific discipline at another SUNY Institution, select this option. You will see which other SUNY schools offer that program. You may select up to three majors to see how your credits will apply to your selected program and see what your degree progress would look like. Click on “Academic Discipline,” select the discipline you want to pursue, and then click OK. Select up to three programs and click “See Comparison.”
    5. Campus: If you want to transfer to a specific SUNY school, select this option. You will see what programs that college offers. This option allows you to choose and compare up to three programs at your selected college.
  3. Find Equivalent Courses within SUNY:
    1. This function allows you to search to see if a specific MVCC course is equivalent to any other course at another SUNY school.
    2. Enter the course you wish to search, and select the institution where it was taken. For example, if you took MA110 at MVCC, enter “MA110” in the course box, and select MVCC. Other SUNY equivalents will be displayed.

How to Read the Comparisons/Transfer Audits

  • See Comparison: Once you click “See Comparison,” the degree progress bars will show for each selected program/institution. To see the specific courses required for each program/institution, click “View Detail.” You will see how your credits will transfer to that institution in a degree audit format.
  • Course Equivalencies: The course equivalencies are shown at the top of the audit once you click “View Detail.” The course equivalency record will show how the courses transfer.
  • All General Education courses should transfer between SUNY Institutions. If you receive General Education credit for a course at one SUNY school, you should receive General Education credit for that course at another SUNY school.
  • The courses that have an equivalent at the transferring institution will populate in the degree audit.
  • “NOEQ 100” indicates that there are no equivalents. You will see a display message that says, “No credit awarded.” NOEQ courses are typically not accepted for credit at the receiving school.

Most SUNY schools provide information for Transfer Finder. If the school you are looking for isn’t included, please contact your Student Support Advisor or contact the SUNY school directly.