Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

Students should meet with an academic advisor throughout their studies and especially near graduation to be sure they have completed all requirements for their program of study. Eligible students must have completed at least 50% of the total credits required for a certificate or 70% of the credits required for a degree.

Those approaching completion in Degree Works (MyMV - Check Degree Progress) will be automatically reviewed for certification at the end of their last semester, but it is strongly recommended that you complete a Graduation Review Request early in your final semester.

There is no graduation fee required.

Your academic record is reviewed to determine whether you have met all of the requirements for your degree or certificate and you will be invited to participate in the commencement ceremony.

No. All students who attend commencement are "candidates" for a certificate or degree. You do not graduate until you have been certified and your degree or certificate is posted on your official transcript by the Office of Records and Registration.

Students who do not meet the requirements for graduation will be notified in writing by the academic department offering the degree or certificate. In order to have your academic record re-evaluated, please fill out a new Graduation Review Request once all requirements have been met.

Transcripts are usually ready within two to four weeks, but certificates and diplomas are not mailed for at least eight weeks.

Contact the Office of Records and Registration 315-792-5336.

Diplomas are sent to the permanent home address on record unless you indicate a different address on the Graduation Review Request.

Fill out a change of address form in the Office of Records and Registration or send a signed letter indicating where you want your diploma to be sent.

Diploma covers are given to students who attend commencement ceremony, or you may pick up a diploma cover directly from the Office of Records and Registration if you do not attend the ceremony.