Cross Registration

Students whose Home Institution is MVCC may register for a course at another SUNY school (a Host Institution) during the same semester through cross registration.

Similarly, students matriculated at another SUNY school may cross-register for courses at MVCC. Billing for all courses is processed by the Home Institution.

To register for the SUNY cross registration process, fill out the SUNY Cross Registration Form. You will need your student ID and PIN.

  1. Click the link above.
  2. Choose your Home Institution.
  3. Enter your Student ID and PIN.
  4. Choose “Requests.”
  5. Choose “New Request.”

Please allow at least 10 days for processing, then confirm with the Business Office at your Home Institution that your cross registration is in place. 

Cross Registration Information

(Effective Fall 2017)

MVCC matriculated students may cross-register at another college to take courses and transfer them to complete a required course in their program of study.


  • Home Institution is where you are matriculated (Mohawk Valley Community College).
  • Host Institution is the institution where you seek to take additional courses.

There are two agreements at MVCC:

Mohawk Valley Consortium

The Mohawk Valley Consortium allows full-time matriculated students to take one course for either Spring or Fall at Utica University or Hamilton College. You must be a full-time student taking 12 credit hours at MVCC to take advantage of this consortium. You must pass the course with a grade of C or better to get credit for the course. Forms are available from the Office of Records and Registration. The form to use is a multi-part form; the Associate Dean needs to approve the course, and the Director of Records and Registration/Registrar (or designee) at MVCC must verify enrollment and sign the form. In addition, students using financial aid can receive financial aid through the Home Institution and cannot receive financial aid through the Host Institution. The form is then presented to the Registrar at the Host Institution prior to registering for the course. MVCC and the other participating institutions reserve the right to deny approval to take a course under this agreement.

SUNY Cross Registration with another SUNY College (64 campuses)

MVCC supports students who wish to cross-register for a course at another SUNY College.

  1. You must be in good academic standing at your Home Institution to cross register.
  2. Only courses that will transfer into your program will be approved. Credit courses must be applicable toward your degree at MVCC as a required or elective course for your primary degree or certificate.
  3. SUNY cross registration is offered for Fall and Spring semesters. Check availability for Summer. There is no cross registration during Intersession.
  4. Credits earned through cross-registration are recorded on the MVCC transcript as a transfer course. Only courses with grades or C or better will transfer to MVCC.
  5. Cross registered courses do not meet residency course requirements for graduation.
  6. You must have the approval of the Home and the Host Institutions. You are responsible for ensuring that the courses meet the requirements of your degree.
  7. Please be advised that even if you have the permission of the instructor or have satisfied the prerequisites necessary for enrollment at the Host Institution, you still need to fill out the online SUNY cross registration form in order to be considered officially cross registered on the course.
  8. Registration deadlines vary by college. You are responsible for contacting your Host Institution for registration-related dates and deadlines.
  9. If you are not enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours applicable to your degree (combined enrollment between your Home and Host Institutions) by the date in which you incur full liability, you may be disqualified for certain aid programs (e.g. TAP, Excelsior Scholarship, etc.).
  10. If you drop a course at your Home Institution and your combined load is less than 12 credit hours, any financial aid may be adjusted.
  11. Your submission of the cross-registration form through the secured online form will allow both institutions to communicate to coordinate the cross-registration process. Please have all information about the course you intend to cross register (course number, course title, credit hours, etc.) prior to submitting the form.
  12. You are responsible to provide any immunization records required by the Host Institution.
  13. If you are seeking to register at another community college, you must also comply with the Certificate of Residency requirement for the Host Institution.
  14. Cross registering for a course is the responsibility of the student. Once you submit your online cross registration form, you must check your email for communications from the Home and the Host Institutions.
  15. Students must adhere to the Host Institution's academic policies and procedures, such as dropping a course, adding a course, withdrawing from the Host Institution, attendance, grades, etc. All students taking a course at another SUNY college must abide by all appropriate regulations, honor systems, parking regulations and the like at the Host Institution.