COVID-19 and other infections Policies

These policies remain active during 2022-23 due to fluctuating Federal, State, SUNY or College guidance.

The below policies have been instituted by the College and the Dormitory Corporation (Residence Halls), to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and other infections and to be able to better respond to suspected or confirmed case(s). This page is an addendum to the College Code of Conduct.

CV 2: Contact Tracing

Students must comply, with COVID-19 and other infections contact tracing efforts.


Contact Tracing

Immediate removal of campus access until compliance – College Suspension


CV 3: COVID and other infections - Positive Intentional/Negligent Exposure

Students who know that they have tested positive for COVID-19 or other infections from one or more positive tests, or students who know they have had close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or other infections or been treated or is symptomatic for them, must not intentionally or negligently expose other students/staff by any means.


Intentional/ Negligent Violation Policy

Warning - Suspension from the College


CV 5A, 5B & 5C: Face Covering or Masks, Social-Distancing & Density Reduction

Students must comply with current College face covering or mask requirement and social-distancing requirements, as posted at building entrances.


Proper Use of Face-Covering/Mask Policy

Pattern of non-compliance: Warning – Suspension from the College


Social Distancing Policy


Density Reduction as posted at building entrance


CV 6: Guest Policy (Residence Halls Only)

All residents must comply with the Residence Hall Guest Pass Policy in accordance with the Student Handbook - Residence Halls Community Standards section.


Guest/Visitor Policy

Warning - Residence Hall Dismissal


CV 7: Health Monitoring (All Campus)

Residence Hall Students: Residential students must complete an attestation at the time of check in which commits to self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms and if present, not leave their assigned room without authorization from the College Nurse or Director on Duty.

Commuter Students: A commuter student must self-monitor their health for COVID-19 related symptoms as required by the most current directive.


Health Monitoring Policy

Pattern of non-compliance:
Warning - Suspension

Refusal to self-isolate when symptomatic until cleared by COVID-19, or other infections, test or by campus officials:
Warning - Suspension


CV 9:Knowingly or actively circumventing COVID-19 and other infections controls (All Campus)

Students who intentionally create conditions or take actions with the intent to circumvent the COVID-19 or other infections policies.


Knowingly or actively circumventing COVID-19 or other infections controls

Warning - Suspension from the College


CV 9A: Failure to participate in mandatory COVID-19 or other infections testing.

College email will serve as the official communication mode for notice of required test. Student’s must monitor their College e-mail.


Failure to participate in mandatory testing

Warning - Suspension


CV 12: Quarantine & Isolation - Commuters

Students must not report to campus or any college affiliated activity when the College or the State or local Department of Health requires a quarantine or isolation period (mandatory or precautionary).

CV 12A: Quarantine and Isolation Expanded Information (Residence Halls)

Quarantine: Any student who has been exposed to a suspected or confirmed positive COVID-19 or other infection case may be required to immediately report to a quarantine room in accordance with Federal or State guidelines.

Isolation: Any student who is a suspected or confirmed positive COVID-19 or other infection case will be required to immediately report to an isolation room in accordance with Federal or State guidelines.

Students will be required to adhere to the following guidelines while in quarantine or isolation;

  • Students will remain in their designated quarantine quad, unless otherwise permitted by the College Nurse.
  • Students will be permitted to gather essential items (i.e. clothing, bedding, personal items, etc.) prior to entering the quarantine. Boxes will be provided and the student will receive assistance by a designated staff member
  • Meals will be delivered to the student.
  • At no time will other students be permitted in the designated quarantine or isolation area unless authorized.

CV12 and CV12A

Quarantine and Isolation Policy

Residence Hall Violation: Dismissal—Suspension from the College

College Commuter: Warning —Suspension from the College

Note: Civil/Criminal Penalties may apply


CV 13: Travel Policy (Residence Hall Students)

Failure to follow must recent CDC or State Travel guidelines


Travel Policy (Residence Halls)

Warning - Dismissal from the Residence Halls


Note: Previous sanctions for any COVID-19 related violations will impact the sanction(s) for additional COVID-19 violations.