MVCC’s College in the Workplace offers the opportunity for busy adult learners to begin a certificate or degree program in a place most convenient to them—their workplace.  


College in the Workplace benefits both businesses and workers. Businesses encourage continuing education in order to sustain a highly skilled and specialized workforce, a workforce with the skills to perform a variety of tasks. Additionally, studies have shown that worker education programs help improve job satisfaction, reduce injuries, and increase productivity. Workers, on the other hand, become more valuable employees and may receive promotions by enrolling in certificate or degree programs.

What We Do

After spending time listening to your goals, the entire team will work collaboratively to develop a comprehensive College in the Workplace program for you and your workplace. The team will conduct an assessment that will set priorities and explore all available course and degree options. From Business Administration to Culinary Arts Management to Carpentry and Masonry, our programs will fit your needs or the needs of your employees and your company. Class size can range from five to 30 students and program times can be during the week day, week nights, weekends, even between shifts.  

Additionally, our Student Support Advisors will handle all student support details:

  • Registration for courses completed on-site
  • Paperwork related to tuition reimbursement
  • Ongoing academic support for students
  • Point-of-contact on campus, should employees decide to complete a degree

Your employees will receive a high-quality education at a time and place most convenient to them, and therefore, most effective.

Contact Information

Edvina Ikeljic
Admissions Counselor