Spring 2022 Spire inductees

Benefits of joining Spire Honor Society

Being part of the Spire Honor Society is about so much more than a special designation, it's a symbol of your great academic achievement, as well as a place to make connections and grow your personal and professional network.

Here are some benefits of joining Spire at MVCC: 

  • Be formally recognized by the College for your hard work and dedication to your education and community. All inductees are awarded Spire pins and stoles to wear at their MVCC graduation ceremonies.
  • Scholarship opportunities, including a Spire Honor Society Scholarship.
  • Connect with other adult learners at MVCC, share stories, and celebrate each other's successes.
  • Enhance your resume by including your membership in Spire, which demonstrates your academic excellence, perseverance, and leadership — qualities that appeal to transfer schools and future employers.