Project In-Depth

Student success Gateway Course Custimization=Pathway to Graduation Project

Two Areas of Engagement and Support Make Up the Pathway to Graduation Project

  1. Student Success Portal

The Student Success Portal is a physical and virtual haven of support for faculty and students.  The Portal includes predictive pathways, a vibrant, resource-rich Learning Commons to co-locate wrap-around instructional and life-challenges supports, and an iTeach Learning Lab for faculty to develop and enhance courses as they model learning for the students.

Predictive Analytics and Early Alerts with Starfish

The Student Success Portal features the use of Starfish, which combines predictive analytics with early-alert tracking. This system will enable college staff to understand incoming students' risk factors and identifies those needing on-going intervention. Predictive analytics will determine students at-risk based on such indicators as high school GPA or GED/TASC scores, placement into developmental courses, Pell eligibility, first generation-status, second language status, and self-reported personal factors. Early alert systems allow for proactive interventions that can occur before a student's absenteeism or poor performance makes academic recovery unlikely

Completion Coaches

Starfish includes the ability of instructors to connect students with Completion Coaches when the students encounter academic or other challenges. The Completion Coach will work one-on-one with students to co-create a prescription pathway that builds supports into the student's schedule before classes begin. Coaches will help students analyze their life demands and obligations to develop a prescription to integrate necessary strategies and assistance for success.

  1. Gateway Course Customization

Digital course toolkits, lodged into Blackboard, will enliven learning engagement in 18 gateway courses that are highly enrolled and which currently exhibit large gaps in successful completion. Faculty teams and the Instructional Design Librarian will develop, pilot, implement and provide training to all full-time and part-time faculty teaching these courses so all students benefit from deeper, livelier learning experiences.