Study group in the Learning Commons

CONTENT TUTORS are students and professionals who have excelled in their
subject area. They share their curiosity, enthusiasm, and knowledge in on campus and online sessions. Content tutors support student learning through tailored review of course material, engaging discussions, and individualized study strategies. 

Content tutors also facilitate study groups and supplemental instruction sessions. 

From accounting and American Sign Language to radiology and respiratory care, content tutoring is available for courses across disciplines. To see all courses for which tutoring is available, check out tutors' availability by subject area.

If there is no tutor available for your subject area, use our request a tutor form. 


Maisie (Mary) Janda

Mary (Maisie) Janda

Education | Maisie earned an associate degree in web development and information design from MV. She also earned a bachelor's in philosophy from Emmanuel College.

You might not guess that | Maisie's nickname (Maisie) is from a Henry James novel and her favorite color is blue.  

Favorite TV series | Vikings

Values & Aims | Maisie's core values include fate, honesty, and efficiency. What does she aim for? Authenticity. 

How she can help | Maisie provides support for information systems classes. 

Availability |  You can make appointments with Maisie in Utica and online. 

Shawn Fuess

Shawn Fuess

Education | Shawn earned his master's in education from Utica College and is a NYS Certified Teacher in English Language Arts. 

You might not guess that | prior to teaching, Shawn spent time in the Army and  worked for Harley Davidson. 

Favorite book series | The Lord of the Rings

Values & Aims | Shawn values integrity, compassion, and grit.

How he can help | Shawn provides support for select education and  humanities  classes and can support students on any writing assignment.

Availability |  You can meet with Shawn online. He's available in the evenings Monday through Friday.  

Emily Hull

Emily Hull

Education | Emily earned a bachelor's in archaeology and psychology from Hamilton College.

You might not guess that | Emily has a remote pilot’s license for drone flying and is a cousin of Aaron Burr. 

Favorite author | Terry Pratchett

Values & Aims | Emily values open-mindedness, empathy, and curiosity and aims to be mindful in every aspect of her life.

How she can help | Emily provides support for select psychology and all writing classes.  

Availability |  You can make online and Utica campus appointments with Emily. She is  available every weekday.