The following individuals are critical for the success of the Pathway to Graduation Project.


picture of Lew Kahler Pathway to Graduation Project Director

 Dr. Lewis Kahler, Vice President for Learning & Academic Affairs


  • Lead and revise the project; apprise the President of progress and challenges
  • Chair the Project Team and solicit guidance from them on implementation practices and progress
  • Coordinate data collection and reporting procedures for all project objectives
  • Approve expenditures
  • Supervise the evaluation process

Picture of Ibrahim Rosic Activity Director

 Ibrahim Rosic, Director of Learning Commons

 Email Ibrahim Rosic  Phone: 315-792-5506


  • Lead the Title III grant activity implementation and ensure all objectives are met
  • Coordinate and meet regularly with the Learning Commons workgroup to design and implement this space
  • Coordinate and meet regularly with Gateway Course Customization Teams; ensure appropriate pedagogy in learning objects to promote student success and engagement
  • Implement the evaluation with the Project Director and External Evaluators

Student Support Advisors

Rosemarie Pastorella, Rachel Simonds, Rachel Golden, Robin Saxe, Patti Antanavige, Dan Eddy, Jenny Lewis, Justin Rahn, & Justin Johnson


  • Interpret and apply results of predictive analytics to identify case loads of students 
  • Develop prescription pathways dependent on student life demands
  • Continually monitor students' progress and adjust as necessary
  • Actively engage with tutors to provide wrap around academic services

Picture of Jocelyn Ireland Instructional Design Librarian

 Jocelyn Ireland

 Email Jocelyn Ireland  Phone: 315-792-5372


  • Work with Gateway Course Customization Teams to identify what students need to learn in gateway courses
  • Develop objectives and ensure content matches those objectives
  • Revise content to shape for learning needs
  • Structure content and activities for student learning
  • Create media to support learning
  • Develop assessments

Gateway Course Customization Teams


  • Work with the Instructional Design Librarian to create digital toolkits that support teaching and learning made up of assignments, projects, study guides and assessments that are infused with active learning activities
  • Assess current course outlines and objectives
  • Adapt existing teaching methods in light of technological advances and new research into effective learning
  • Work collaboratively with other faculty in the discipline to vet toolkits and integrate recommended improvements