The Learning Commons Team

Ibrahim Rosic, Learning Commons Director

Ibrahim Rosic

Learning Commons Director and Assistant Dean of the School of STEM

Phone | 315-792-5506

Location | Wilcox Hall 129I, Utica Campus

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Katie Nolan, College Services Associate

Katie Nolan

College Services Associate in The Learning Commons

Phone | 315-792-5517

Location | Wilcox Hall 129, Utica Campus

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Bre Rathbun, Mathematics Tutor & Mentor

Breanne Rathbun

Math Tutor & Mentor 

Phone | 315-792-5610

Location | Wilcox Hall 133A, Utica Campus

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Jocelyn Ireland, Instructional Design Librarian

Jocelyn Ireland

Instructional Design Librarian

Phone | 315-792-5372

Location | Wilcox Hall 129, Utica Campus

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Danielle Del Giudice, Writing Tutor & Mentor

Danielle Del Giudice

Writing Tutor & Mentor

Phone | 315-792-5598

Location | Wilcox Hall 131A, Utica Campus

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Full time and clerical staff work closely with part-time professional consultants and peer tutors. Learn more about consultants and tutors by visiting the Math Lab, Writing Lab and Content Tutoring.

What faculty are saying

What is tutoring?

TUTORS have been providing individualized academic support since Ancient Greece. Their work takes many forms. Our tutors and consultants use kindness, questions, critical dialogue, and responsive instruction to help students build on their strengths, connect to course material, and gain confidence as learners and thinkers.

Every appointment is different, but common session uses include: 

Reviewing course material
Studying for an exam
Mapping out a paper
Discussing challenging texts
Developing study strategies
Practicing math skills
Locating and citing sources
Planning a revision

Mission & Vision

Learning Commons Mission

The Learning Commons serves students by reflecting and magnifying their strengths, by valuing interdependence and self-determination, by honoring each learner’s experience, by providing responsive and individualized academic support, by building an inclusive community, and by connecting students with tools, guidance, and resources that enable them to work at the edge of their ability.

Learning Commons Vision

We aim to build an inclusive, connected community actively pursuing its own evolution, attentive to research-supported practice and shifting student needs, attuned to the complexity of the individual, and responsive to the mind, character, and innate curiosity of each learner.