Student drawing a male figure

Program information

MVCC's Graphic Communication: Illustration Associate in Applied Science degree program prepares students for a career in the illustration field or transfer for further study. Illustrators use a variety of media to create a personal expression. The media may be paint and brush, pencil, or pixel, but the purpose is the same: to interpret a portion of the world pictorially. Illustrators are visual creators who stress communication. Each person brings their own perspective, talent, and skill to the canvas or computer screen. The result is art that communicates in advertising, newspapers, books, the internet, CD-ROM, film, and magazines.

See semester-by-semester degree plan.

Upon completion of the two-year program, students should be competent in the following areas:

  • Develop a professional portfolio consisting of 15-20 pieces of art that can be used to present themselves in the job market
  • Communicate effectively with clients and peers
  • Self-promotion and marketing of their skills
  • An understanding of the methods of self-promotion and representation that are common to the field of illustration — a field highly dependent on free-lancer
  • Creative problem-solving methodology using visual art development procedures
    Successful prepare students to transfer
  • Knowledge of relevant human anatomy


Tools used in the program are required, costing approximately $100