Graphic design student

Program information

MVCC's Graphic Communication: Graphic Design Associate in Applied Science degree prepares students, with high-tech tools and a hands-on environment, to enter the digital workplace in a variety of disciplines. In magazines, newspapers, advertising, books, packaging, exhibitions, corporate graphics, signage, film and video, graphic designers communicate it all. Occupations such as web page designer, game designer, multimedia designer, and more, emerge every year. Graduates use technology to inform, and they understand the responsibilities of that indispensable role in business, industry, and society.

See semester-by-semester degree plan.

Upon completion of the two-year program, students should be competent in the following areas:

  • An understanding of conceptual and technological design formats and processes
    Multitasking while working in a graphic design setting
  • Advanced communication techniques through group critiques among a diverse peer audience
  • A command of the design process from research and analysis through to appropriate levels of presentation of the final product
  • An understanding of a visual problem-solving process
  • Effective utilization the elements of visual language including composition, visual priorities, image, and type
  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding of industry professional practice standards and creative standards


  • Tools used in the program are required, costing approximately $100
  • One high school mathematics course or its equivalent is required