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MVCC's School of Arts offers students the rich opportunity to learn how to express themselves through a multitude of media by cultivating creativity and critical thinking. The mission of the School of Arts is to provide students with the requisite tools in visual literacy, hands-on technical skills, and a strong background in theoretical and historical knowledge. Our faculty members encourage creativity in problem solving, proficiency in individual craft, learning through experimentation, and exploration in conceptual and critical thought processes.

Through the many Associate of Applied Science degree programs, students are able to gain a strong foundation in the field of digital animation through the creation of graphics for entertainment, advertising, special effects, education, science, and information technologies, or pursue an advance degree in Fine Arts or illustration. In these programs, students learn the use of media such as paint and brush, pencil, or pixel, to create visual communication in their own perspective.

For the individuals who view the world through a lens, MVCC has one of the region’s leading photography programs along with an award-winning graphic design and program.

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