Sculpture students working outdoors

Program information

The Fine Arts Associate in Science degree at MVCC is designed to help students in acquiring or refining the traditional technical skills for creating art. It prepares students for transfer to a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts program. In the first year, students take foundation courses in two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, color theory, and drawing. Students are then introduced to painting, sculpture, and figure drawing, and are encouraged to study each before choosing an area of focus. Fine Art electives are also offered to allow students to further their artistic experience. 

See semester-by-semester degree plan.

The program prepares the student to:

  • Exhibit understanding of conceptual and perceptual techniques of art making
  • Show competency with technical skills in observational mimesis
  • Demonstrate the necessary hand/eye skills
  • Demonstrate the necessary cognitive skills
  • Participate in group critiques among a diverse peer audience
  • Communicate and speak intelligently about Fine Arts
  • Make articulate, persuasive and influential critiques of their own and other students work
  • Successfully translate and identify the correlation between a given project and its application to other Fine Art media
  • To have knowledge of the relevant anatomy of the human body
  • Develop a professionally presentable portfolio for freelance
  • Perform an assessment of client’s needs for creating commissioned work
  • Attend lectures and discussions available within the local community
  • Submit work to a juried show
  • Prepare graduates to successfully transfer to a four-year institution in a related field of study