Can I transfer without getting an Associate’s degree?

Yes, of course, there are some advantages to staying and getting an Associate’s degree before transferring! Even if you decide to transfer without earning your associates degree from MVCC first, you may be able to still earn your associates degree through reverse transfer.


I have heard the term “Reverse Transfer” a lot from different faculty and staff members. Can you tell me what that is?

Reverse Transfer is a process that allows you to earn your associates degree while working on completing your Bachelors degree after transferring. You will want to work closely with your Student Support Advisor who will help determine what the appropriate courses you will need to take to complete the requirement of your degree at MVCC. It is important to note that you will still need to meet all graduation requirements. For more information about reverse transfer, please visit the Reverse Transfer page.


How do I get a copy of my transcript sent to another institution?

The easiest way to have your transcript sent is to fill out the "Transcript Request Form" located within your MyMV account. To access this, go to your academic records menu in MyMV and click "Request Official Transcript". This will take you to our online form that you can fill out and submit. Your very first transcript from MVCC is free, any additional transcripts will be $10.00. Should you have questions about ordering your transcript, please visit the Transcript Ordering page.


Is there a listing of different transfer events?

Yes! We post all events (college visits, Advisor-in-Residence visits, Instant Admit days, College trips) on our website. Please visit the Transferring from MVCC page for more information.


The one thing we wish people really knew:

You can make an appointment with your student support advisor to discuss transfer pathways and we are here to help you explore transfer options.  Make and appointment with your Student Support Advisor today by contacting our Academic Advisement Center.